Beautiful Minds: Imaging Cells of the Nervous System [Slide Show]

More images from the labs of neuroscientists
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Dots and Stripes

This image, taken from a "Brainbow" mouse, zooms in on an area of the neocortex to reveal a horizontally layered organization (the pattern of light and dark in the background that suggests anatomical distinctions).....[ More ]

Memories in Color

This photomicrograph shows a cross-section of a mouse hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for learning and memory. It is nestled just below the neocortex, which is shown in the upper half of the image.....[ More ]

Brain Stains:

Not only can scientists now see individual neurons inside the brain, but another technique, called immunohistochemistry , allows them to observe proteins inside those neurons. Immunohistochemistry, aka antibody staining, relies on the capacity of antibodies to bind to specific molecules.....[ More ]

Motor Neuron Superhighway:

In 2007 Jean Livet, Joshua Sanes and Jeff Lichtman at Harvard University developed "Brainbow," a molecular technique that tags neurons with a multitude of bright colors, allowing scientists to distinguish an individual neuron from its nearest neighbors.....[ More ]

Dog Brain:

Italian physician and scientist Camillo Golgi made this drawing of a dog's olfactory bulb in 1875 based on a staining method he developed. The application of the Golgi method to the study of nervous tissue marks the beginning of modern neuroscience.....[ More ]

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