Brain Stains: In Sheri's Words

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I had vivid, horrifically detailed dreams and memories of Satanic cult rituals during which babies and young children (the innocent) were kidnapped and slaughtered for human consumption. My memories included being forced to eat human organs.....[ More ]

Save Me

This depicts the helplessness of a child—or in this case, many, many children—who suffer from emotional and sexual abuse by adults including family, friends and authority figures.....[ More ]

The Monster

Could my abuser really be my own father? No, not daddy...but perhaps a monster? Suggestions of incest precede suggestions of satanic ritual abuse.....[ More ]

It is Finished

This illustrates my profound desire to finish the healing process by integrating all of my personalities. A beacon of sun sheds proverbial light on the (seemingly) infinite number of alters who were still in hiding and still withholding traumatic memories that my therapist claimed were necessary for my mental health recovery.....[ More ]


So many of the "alters" wanted to howl until the pain, sadness, fear and guilt was expelled and replaced with peace. During therapy, I would often set my children up in front of an animated movie in the front room and go off into my own bedroom, crawl into my closet, shut the door and howl into pillows until I quit shaking.....[ More ]

Cold Boy

This is a depiction of a "recovered" memory. While I was with my father in the car at a shopping mall, this small boy was snatched off of his bike, kidnapped and temporarily held inside a hole underground—and later murdered during a satanic ritual.....[ More ]


I found this drawing inside my sketchbook one evening. To this day, I have no memory of creating it. I was terrified to realize how amnesiac I was, and I worried about how much more time I was losing to unknown activities.....[ More ]

See Me

All the art in this gallery was created by Sheri J. Storm while she was in therapy. The captions describe each image's significance in Storm's own words. Some readers may find these depictions disturbing—please proceed with caution.....[ More ]

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