Bridging the Gap Between Math and Art [Slide Show]

Annual conference shines a spotlight on mathematical art and artistic mathematics
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"Dual Half 120- and 600-Cells," by Henry Segerman

Segerman used 3-D printing to create these representations of regular four-dimensional polytopes, the four-dimensional analogues of three-dimensional polyhedrons—geometric solids with polygons as faces.....[ More ]

"Pythagorean Proof," by Donna Loraine Contractor

This tapestry shows a proof of a special case of the  Pythagorean theorem . The blue and gray squares touching the short sides of the multicolored center triangle can be rearranged to create the square touching the triangle's long side.....[ More ]

"Simple as the Number Nine," by Kerry Mitchell

"This image presents a linear combination of four chaotic orbits of boundary points of the Mandelbrot set [one of the most famous fractals]. The individual orbits were weighted so as to approximate the first derivative of the orbit.....[ More ]

"Loopy Love," by Barry Cipra

"The story, a dialogue presenting both sides (or is there only one side?) of a twisting love–hate relationship between two characters named Daniel and Danielle, was letterpress printed by Red Dragonfly Press in Red Wing, Minn., on Fabriano paper using the font FF Quadraat.....[ More ]

"Mitered Fractal Tree I," by Koos Verhoeff and Anton Bakker

(This sculpture was awarded Best of Show at the Bridges conference.) " Mitered Fractal Tree (designed late 1980s, first executed in wood), constructed from a beam with a rectangular cross section in the ratio 1:√2.....[ More ]

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