Buying Green: 9 Eco-Conscious Accessories

Miserly computer monitors, software that saves, vegan shoes, biker accessories, and more
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Wash without Water

Car cleaner Instead of wasting gallons of water and using harmful chemicals to clean your car, consider Lucky Earth’s toxics-free solution. Made with coconut extract and silicone, the water-based solution breaks down dirt; just spray it on the vehicle and wipe with a soft cloth.....[ More ]

Signs of the Times

Misprint watering can These colorful containers are made from outdoor sheet-metal signs that were misspelled. To spare the misfits from landfills, a designer at VivaTerra turned them into gardening tools.....[ More ]

Stretch Your Bag

Portable totes You may already have an armful of reusable bags, but the its-laS-tik stretchable tote can scrunch up to fit anywhere and expand to hold quite a few items.....[ More ]

Biker Accessories

Inner-tube fashion Got old, spent bicycle tire tubes? Totally Tubular Design can transform them with style. Send your fatigued inflatables to its team in Agoura Hills, Calif., who will cut up and refashion them into wallets ($18), bags ($28) and shoulder bags ($80).....[ More ]

Drink in Global Warming

Temperature-sensitive mug Start the morning with a cheerful reminder that sea levels are rising. Pour a cup of hot coffee and watch the oceans depicted on the mug spread across the continents as the ice caps melt.....[ More ]

Friendly Feet

Vegan shoes Being socially conscious doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, too. That’s the philosophy of shoe manufacturer Charmoné. Its footwear is made from Italian microfiber that has a structure similar to leather but is made without any animal products.....[ More ]

Cut That Out

Printer software It’s not uncommon when printing Web pages to get a final piece of paper that is blank except for a single line. And most people would also like to save paper and ink by deleting sidebar ads.....[ More ]

Got It Covered

iPhone shield Protect the planet while also protecting your iPhone. Agent 18 has a hard phone cover that is made from postconsumer plastic bottles. For $20, it’s a sleek fit.....[ More ]

Savings on Display

Energy-sparing monitor Lenovo says its ThinkVision L1700p ($240) uses 30 percent less power than regular LCD screens. The display also has 50 percent less mercury content. The graphics capability is pretty standard, so the 17-inch screen may be better suited to people who are more concerned with their carbon footprint than cutting-edge resolution.....[ More ]

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