Buying Green: 9 Environmentally Inventive Products

Carbon-friendlier alternatives for your life
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Meet Your Sheep

Organic clothing
Icebreaker’s merino wool clothing comes with a fully transparent supply chain. Enter the “baacode” on your shirt’s tag online and meet the New Zealand farmers who care for the sheep whose wool you are wearing.....[ More ]

Acre of Hair

Fair-trade shampoo
Save Your World sells all-natural, fair-trade bath and body products in accordance with a benevolent business strategy. The company saves one acre of South American rain forest for one year for each product sold, even if it’s just a teensy tube of lip balm.....[ More ]

Burning Grounds

Coffee firelog
Oh, the fire is so delightful, but the carbon dioxide is frightful. The Java-Log ($3.50) burns cleaner than wood and just as long as standard firelogs. ....[ More ]

Pickin' Wheat

Biodegradable music accessories
More than 100 million guitar picks are made a year, and although their disposal might not kill the planet, there is no reason they should spend decades in landfills.....[ More ]

Think Globally, Hoop Locally

Recycled basketball
Sometimes recycling knows no bounds. The cover of Wilson’s Rebound ball ($14.99) is made from 40 percent recycled rubber. Together about 70 of the basketballs save the equivalent of one automobile tire.....[ More ]

Pouch of Pouches

Reclaimed tote bags
Paper, plastic or drink pouch? TerraCycle turns junk into gems by recruiting community brigades to collect nonrecyclable materials such as wine corks, yogurt cups, cookie package wrappers and, in this case, drink pouches.....[ More ]

Bug Buster

Ultraviolet sterilizer
Why clean with chemicals when an ultraviolet (UV) light wand kills E. coli , Salmonella , staph and bird flu, along with the eggs of dust mites, lice and fleas?....[ More ]

The Sound of Music

Power-free speaker
Amplify your music using no energy at all. Science and Sons’ Phonofone II ($500), inspired by the days of yore, boosts the sound emanating from earphones using nothing but clever acoustics, requiring no batteries or wires.....[ More ]

Virtual Sleep

Computer energy saver
In the U.S. alone, computers that are left on while idle leave a footprint of millions of tons of carbon dioxide a year. The Ecobutton ($22) plugs into your computer’s USB port to make power saving easy.....[ More ]

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