Buying Green: Products for Sustainable Living

Flashlights that power themselves, bags that dissolve, and more
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Kill A Watt - electric meter
Is your old refrigerator energy-efficient? Does your TV draw standby power and, if so, does it draw a lot? The Kill A Watt portable electric meter from P3 International can tell you.....[ More ]


gDiapers - biodegradable diapers
Twenty billion diapers end up in U.S. landfills every year, and some of their materials can take centuries (no exaggeration) to decompose.....[ More ]


Biokleen - dishwashing detergent
Dishwashing machines use about half the energy and a sixth of the water as scrubbing plates by hand with the water running. But most dishwasher detergents contain phosphates, which can throw water ecosystems out of whack by encouraging too much plant growth (think: lakes choked with algae).....[ More ]


Moixa Energy - rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable batteries might be environmentally preferable to disposables, but because of their inconvenience (recharging them takes too long and requires a specialized charger), many people stick with tossing spent AAs into landfills.....[ More ]


Dr. Hauschka’s - petroleum-free lipstick
Lips don't have protective oil glands, so women who want to keep their lips moist and lovely often turn to lipstick, which is commonly made from petroleum or its by-products.....[ More ]


Seventh Generation - recycled garbage bags
Our planet doesn't need more plastic bags in landfills, but some brands are less burdensome than others.....[ More ]


BioBag - biodegradable garbage bags
BioBag's sacks are constructed from cornstarch and other ingredients and will reportedly break down in your compost pile or the local dump.....[ More ]


Freeplay - human-powered flashlight
No need for batteries or an electrical outlet with Freeplay Energy's Kito flashlight ($22). Turning the crank for one minute charges the torch with an hour's worth of light.....[ More ]


Eton - human-powered radio
Go off the grid plug-free, wire-free and battery-free with people-powered devices, ideal for camping, emergencies and daily use. Eton's Microlink ($30) merges a portable radio with an LED flashlight and a cell phone charger, all powered by a hand crank.....[ More ]

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