Self-Experimenters: Self-Styled Cyborg Dreams of Outwitting Superintelligent Machines

Kevin Warwick wired his nervous system into the Internet and his wife; now he's out to become one with The Matrix
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In another experiment, Warwick was able to change the color of a necklace using neural signals created by opening and closing his hand. The same signals that told his hand to open or close hand were used to change the color of the necklace (worn by his wife) from red to blue.....[ More ]


Warwick's wife, Irena, agreed to have two electrodes implanted in her left arm so that she could have her neural signals connected with those of her husband.. Courtesy of the University of Reading....[ More ]


During his experiments, Warwick has been able to control the movements of a robot hand, an electric wheelchair and the lights in his lab using electric pulses from his own nervous system. Courtesy of the University of Reading....[ More ]


Those who don't avail themselves of subcutaneous microchips and other implanted technology, Warwick predicts, will be at a serious disadvantage in tomorrow's world, because they won't be able to communicate with "superintelligent machines."....[ More ]


Warwick in 2002 successfully wired the nerves of his forearm to a computer.....[ More ]

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