Darwin's Living Legacy--Evolutionary Theory 150 Years Later

A Victorian amateur undertook a lifetime pursuit of slow, meticulous observation and thought about the natural world, producing a theory 150 years ago that still drives the contemporary scientific agenda
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Darwin Day marks the naturalist's birthday on February 12 and will be observed with dozens of events in at least 10 countries. Stay abreast of what's happening at[ More ]


Genetic analyses have shown evidence of relatively recent human evolution--dating back several thousand years.....[ More ]


James D. Watson and Francis Crick discover the structure of DNA, making it possible to study the molecular biology of evolution.....[ More ]


The modern synthesis combines Darwin's ( right ) evolutionary theory with Mendelian genetics.....[ More ]


The Scopes Monkey trial in Tennessee tries a teacher based on a law that made it illegal to teach any theory that denies divine creation.....[ More ]


In The Descent of Man , Darwin ties the human lineage to primate ancestors, provoking outrage in some quarters and the caricaturing of his image.....[ More ]


Czech monk Gregor Mendel publishes his research on inheritance, but the importance of his work is not recognized for 35 more years.....[ More ]


Charles Darwin formulates the theory of natural selection, which is not published for more than 20 years. When printed in 1858 On the Origin of Species sells out as soon as it is published.....[ More ]


Darwin leaves on a five-year around-the-world journey on the HMS Beagle .....[ More ]


Charles Lyell publishes Principles of Geology, a formative influence on Darwin's thinking about the gradualism of natural processes as can be witnessed in the Grand Canyon.....[ More ]


Darwin ( shown opposite his younger sister ) is born in Shrewsbury, England, into the comfort of a wealthy family.....[ More ]


Carl Linnaeus publishes the first volume of Systema Naturae , which laid the foundations for taxonomy. Later he suggested that plants descend from a common ancestor.....[ More ]

610-546 B.C.:

Greek philosopher Anaximander suggests that all life-forms evolved from fish in the seas and went through a process of modification once they were established on land.....[ More ]

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