Drones Bring Fight and Flight to Battle against Poachers [Slide Show]

Drones are the latest weapon in the antipoaching fight but their deployment remains dogged by security fears, lack of regulations

By Michael Casey

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Prepping the Drone (Nepal)

The team preprograms the Raptor model airplane flight path before launch at Bardia National Park.....[ More ]

Modifying Drones (Belize)

Robert Rose of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Conservation Support Program makes adjustments to a drone.....[ More ]

Nepal Army and Park Trainees

​Nepal Army soldiers and park trainees carry the two GPS-enabled drones to the launch site. Once airborne, the drone films the ground below with a still or video camera and can fly a preprogrammed route of about 30 kilometers at a maximum elevation of 200 meters for up to 50 minutes.....[ More ]

Drone Launch (Indonesia)

​Conservation Drones founder Serge Wich launches a drone in Sikundur, a region on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.....[ More ]

Reviewing Video (Belize)

Officials from the Belize Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries review video taken from the drone after a reconnaissance flight.....[ More ]

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