Eco-Cities: Urban Planning for the Future

Massive developments proposed for the U.S., China and Abu Dhabi aim to reduce or even eliminate the environmental cost of city living
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Carless Future?

Personalized Rapid Transit vehicles on fixed paths (to be installed underground) will replace automobiles.....[ More ]

Masdar at a Glance

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Size : 1,600 acres
Schedule : Completion by 2016
Future population : 30,000 people from the wealthy emirate
Cost : At least $22 billion (amount committed by the U.A.E.....[ More ]

Built on black gold

Masdar: Oil wealth fuels construction of an ecological city in the Arabian desert.....[ More ]

Green Features

In addition to protecting wetlands for birds—and returning some agricultural land to nature—Dongtan will recover, recycle and reuse 90 to 100 percent of its waste. Wind and biomass will provide all electricity, and hydrogen-powered or plug-in electric vehicles will provide most transportation.....[ More ]

Tabletop model of the planned city

Location: Chongming Island, Shanghai, China
Size: 250 acres in 2010, 1,600 acres in 2020, 7,400 acres in 2050 on an island of 300,000 acres
Schedule: Construction begins in 2009, with first units available in 2010.....[ More ]

Green in the Yangtze

Dongtan: One of the earliest eco-cities announced may take longer than anticipated to complete.....[ More ]

Treasure Island: Aerial Plan

Schedule: Groundbreaking in 2010, first homes available in 2013, completed by 2020
Future population: 13,500 people, drawn by a mixture of market-rate and more affordable housing
Cost: Confidential but estimated at $3 billion
Green features: In addition to gaining new buildings, Treasure Island will be mostly returned to nature: 300 of the 450 acres will be parks, farms and other greenery.....[ More ]

Treasure Island Today

Today it is an almost completely paved naval air base built atop earthen material dredged from the San Francisco Bay in the 1930s.....[ More ]

Northern view of Treasure Island 2020

By 2020 Treasure Island is scheduled to become one of the most sustainable communities in the U.S.....[ More ]

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