Father Nature: 8 Great, Super-Dedicated Animal Dads [Slide Show]

What other species' padres should we be saluting this Father's Day?
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Wolverines are busy animals, roving over their broad and rugged territory to acquire food and mates. And with their ferocious, fighting reputations, they might seem the farthest thing from affectionate fathers.....[ More ]


Sea horse ( Hippocampus ) dads are the emblematic animal dads, well known for stowing fertilized eggs in their brood pouches. In the pouch the offspring receive nutrients, oxygen and a cozy environment in which to grow during their 1.5- to 6.5-week stay.....[ More ]


With temperatures dipping below –40 degrees Celsius during the Antarctic breeding season and the females off feeding at sea, emperor penguin ( Aptenodytes forsteri ) dads are in charge of keeping their eggs and chicks warm.....[ More ]


Insects are not often given a lot of credit for caring. But one breed of giant water bug ( Abedus indentatus ) father carries a heavy load. The female lays as many as 150 eggs on the male's back, which he lugs around for about a week or so until they hatch.....[ More ]


Red fox ( Vulpes vulpes ) fathers are extremely attentive dads in the first few months after their pups are born. As the mother remains in the den with the newborns, the fox dad heads out to hunt and brings back food for the whole family at least a few times each day.....[ More ]


Many species of fish have been known to eat the eggs of their own offspring . The male sea catfish (Ariidae family) also gobbles up his mate's eggs, but instead of ingesting them, he keeps them safe in his mouth for months at a time.....[ More ]


Greater rheas ( Rhea americana ) spread their fathering work widely in their flock. After mating with multiple females—who each lay eggs in the male's nest—the dad-to-be will sit on dozens of eggs for more than a month.....[ More ]


People are not the only primates who step up big time to help rear their young. Marmoset (from the family Callitrichidae) dads share in many of the daily duties of parenting, including grooming, feeding and carrying the babies.....[ More ]

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