Technically Art: Engineers Make Cameras, Then Hit the Pavement [Slide Show]

With New York City as their backdrop, Cooper Union engineering students use their technical skills to reimagine photography
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When the artist places constraints on the values of individual pixels in a color digital photo, the result looks more like a painting than a photo. In Bobby Yankou's image an Icelandic landscape appears with only very blue pixels for the sky and very brown pixels for land.....[ More ]


Victor Chen created his panoramic "Little Planet" image by taking x and y Cartesian coordinates and wrapping them into polar coordinates, Wolf says. "It's a very simple piece of math that probably wouldn't occur to a conventional photographer to do."....[ More ]


This self-portrait comprises images of microscopic structures that make up Melinda Wong's body. She photographed 14 different bodily samples at various magnifications and then composed a mosaic using all 200 images.....[ More ]


Michael Pimpinella combined images from more than one distinct moment in time to form detailed depictions of motion. He did this by taking still photographs of an event in progress and using photo-editing software to represent motion via different colors.....[ More ]


Though populated largely by people and their pets, cities can still have quite a bit of wildlife. Elizabeth Kilson's photos focused on these creatures, in this case a pigeon in pursuit of a cashew nut.....[ More ]


Joann Lee wanted to take various photos of particular scenes so that she could express the contrast between the different times of day. Here she photographed a street near Cooper Union's campus in Manhattan that emphasized the distinction between night and day, blended into a continuous image.....[ More ]


Photos can include elements of time rather than just capturing a single moment. Ferdy Budhidharma moved a light source around the camera's field of view in a long exposure to track the trajectory of the light and capture it in a single image.....[ More ]


Eric Leong's photography focused on motion and how imprecise movements are smoothed out over time. Leong experimented with a variety of shutter speeds to capture different types of movement.....[ More ]


For his "Reflection in a Pond" image engineering student William Biesiadecki scoured New York City in search of still water. In some cases, at Wolf's suggestion, he carried a bucket of water with him to create his own puddles.....[ More ]

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