8 Mobile Apps to Help Manage Your Health [Slide Show]

These accoutrements to a smart phone can help users plan and track workouts, monitor important health indicators such as glucose and blood pressure, and locate nearby physicians and clinical trials
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BPMonitor , developed by Taconic System, LLC, keeps track of important health stats like blood pressure, weight and heart rate.
Price: $0.99
Release date: March 2011
How it works: The app enables you to track your vital health signs and those of your family members because it supports tracking for multiple people.....[ More ]

Gazelle GPS Cardiovascular Workout Tracker:

Gazelle is an app that uses the iPhone's GPS to track progress during workouts and might be of particular use when a patient undergoes physical therapy, says Jon Ruiz, founder of Subtractive Art, Gazelle's creator.....[ More ]

C25K (Couch to 5K):

At least two different developers offer "C25K" apps that create workout plans based on Josh Clark's running regimen for beginners, gradually helping them transition from couch potato to competitor.....[ More ]


Fooducate helps consumers get the more complete nutritional data on grocery items, not just the marketing claims on the package.
Price: Free
Release date: January 2011
How it works: The app lets you scan a product at a store and find out its nutritional value, going beyond the government-mandated nutrition panel found on 200,000 food products.....[ More ]

Vision Test:

Vision Test , developed by 3 Sided Cube, allows you to  self-administer several eye tests that you can perform on your smart phone to determine if a trip to the optician is needed.
Price: Free
Release date: July 2010
How it works: Users have a few options to evaluate their vision, including a visual acuity test, astigmatism test, red/green duochrome test , color test and far-field vision test—which can be selected from a simple menu when the app is launched.....[ More ]

Glucose Buddy:

Glucose Buddy is a widely used diabetes management application that works on the iPhone operating system. It acts as a utility for diabetics to store a range of health statistics.
Price: Free
Release date: Late 2008
How it works: Using Glucose Buddy, people with diabetes can manually enter their glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages and activities.....[ More ]

Cancer Trials:

Cancel Trials , developed by MedTrust Online, LLC, in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, locates clinical trials that are recruiting patients nearby.
Price: Free
Release date: June 2010
How it works: To get started, you must select a category to narrow down your search, such as bladder cancer, breast cancer or leukemia.....[ More ]


iTriage was created by emergency physicians to answer the two most common medical questions: "What could be wrong?" and "Where should I go for treatment?"
Price: Free
Release date: March 2009
How it works: iTriage helps identify symptoms, then identifies possible treatments for specific conditions and, finally, suggests the most appropriate provider based on the user's location.....[ More ]

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