A Decade of New Species Discoveries in the Himalayas [Slide Show]

The remote eastern Himalayas--home to tiny deer and big vipers--have offered enterprising researchers a wealth of new species to document and describe
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Just south of the Tibetan border in Burma's Kachin State, researchers discovered the Naung Mung scimitar-babbler ( Jabouilleia naungmungensis ), which was described in 2005 . The midsize forest-dweller uses its big bill to nose around on the ground for food.....[ More ]


Swimming in the streams, ponds and swamps near the Brahmaputra River in the rainforests of Assam, India, the orange-spotted snakehead ( Channa aurantimaculata ) was discovered in 2000. The carnivorous fish's head resembles a snake (hence its name), and it can grow to be about 40 centimeters [about half a meter] long.....[ More ]


The first new primate species described in more than a century, the Arunachal macaque ( Macaca munzala ) had been the bane of local farmers for ages. Nicknamed the mum zala (deep-forest monkey) by the local Dirang Monpa, the Arunachal macaque had long been accused of messing with crops in its native Arunachal Pradesh territory.....[ More ]


The leaf deer ( Muntiacus putaoensis ) is not only one of the world's smallest known deer, but it also hails from the muntjac, the oldest fawn family (which crop up in fossils 15 million to 35 million years ago).....[ More ]


This poisonous pit viper grows to a menacing 1.3 meters and was discovered by scientists in 2002 around Putao. The Gumprecht's green pit viper ( Trimeresurus gumprechti ) lives in the northern reaches of Burma at altitudes above 400 meters and varies widely between the sexes.....[ More ]


Few new bird species have been reported in India since the 1940s, but an astrophysicist described the Bugun liocichla ( Liocichla bugunorum ) in 2006. Ramana Athreya spotted two of the Asian babblers in 1995 around the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh.....[ More ]


The Smith's litter frog ( Leptobrachium smithi ), was discovered nearly 10 years ago in the state of Assam in northeastern India. The fantastic-looking frog is only a few centimeters long but has large, gold eyes.....[ More ]

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