How to Do a Magic Trick

The magician Teller demonstrates how to pull coins out of thin air
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Spectacularly, Teller throws the 11 coins from the bucket as he continues to hold the final coin in his right hand.....[ More ]


Teller produces the final palmed coin from his right hand, then turns his hand to show that his palm is, in fact, empty.....[ More ]


Just as the audience begins to suspect that Teller is simply dropping palmed coins from his right hand, he drops five of the six coins from his right hand all at once. That astounds the audience, because he could not have palmed 11 coins in his right hand.....[ More ]


In fact, he is repeatedly producing the same coin in his right hand.....[ More ]


By directing his gaze to his right hand, he diverts his audience's attention from his left hand. But it is the left hand, the one holding the bucket, from which he is dropping hidden coins.....[ More ]


Having demonstrated his bucket is empty, Teller starts producing coins in his right hand.....[ More ]

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