Obama's Climate Challenge: Winning the Carbon Game

How Obama and his team can pass climate legislation and reach an international accord by December 2009
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Ken Salazar

Secretary of the Interior
Oversees drilling, mining and logging activity on public lands and manages national parks Age: 54
State: Colorado
Previous Position: Senator since 2005....[ More ]

Ray LaHood

Secretary of Transportation
Assesses actions that could reduce transportation-related fuel use and climate impacts, including auto-efficiency standards Age: 63
State: Illinois
Previous Position: Representative since 1995....[ More ]

Barbara Boxer

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Chair
Oversees water and air quality, wildlife protection, superfund cleanup and solutions to global warming Age: 68
State: California
Previous Position: Senator since 1993....[ More ]

Henry Waxman

House Energy and Commerce Committee, Chair
Oversees energy supply, air quality and public and environmental health, and presides over the Department of Energy Age: 69
State: California
Previous Position: Representative since 1975....[ More ]

Nancy Sutley

White House Council on Environmental Quality, Chair
Coordinates development of federal environmental and energy policies Age: 46
State: California
Previous Position: Deputy Mayor, Los Angeles....[ More ]

Carol Browner

White House Coordinator for Energy and Climate
Organizes energy, environmental and climate change work among federal agencies Age: 53
State: Florida
Previous Position: Principal, Albright Group....[ More ]

Lisa Jackson

Environmental Protection Agency, Administrator
Enforces the nation’s clean air and water rules and many other environmental regulations Age: 47
State: N.J.
Previous Position: Chief of Staff, N.J.....[ More ]

John Holdren

Science Adviser to the President
Informs the president on how science affects policy and leads interagency efforts to develop scientific and technical strategies Age: 65
State: Mass.....[ More ]

Steven Chu

Secretary of Energy
Regulates nuclear power and electricity transmission, manages energy policy and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and funds energy research Age: 61
State: California
Previous Position: Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab....[ More ]

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