Austral and Adorable: Penguins in All Their Weird Glory [Slide Show]

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King penguin

lives mainly on the islands around Antarctica. Standing roughly a meter tall, it is the next largest penguin after the emperor penguin.....[ More ]

Yellow-eyed penguin

is the rarest penguin species in the world, with perhaps just 4,000 members remaining. It lives in New Zealand.....[ More ]

Magellanic penguin

lives along the coastlines of South America. Its nesting colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of breeding pairs.....[ More ]

Adélie penguin

lives along the Antarctic coast. They migrate some 13,000 kilometers every year, traveling from the breeding grounds to their foraging grounds and back.....[ More ]

Galápagos penguin,

native to the Galápagos Islands, is the only penguin that naturally occurs north of the equator.....[ More ]

Little blue penguin

is the tiniest penguin, standing just 30 centimeters tall. It lives in Australia and New Zealand.....[ More ]

Gentoo penguin

lives on and around the Antarctic Peninsula. Of all penguin species, the gentoo is the fastest swimmer, reaching speeds up to 35 kilometers per hour.....[ More ]

Southern rockhopper penguin

is named for its propensity for bounding up steep rock faces. It breeds in the Falkland Islands and in southern Argentina and Chile.....[ More ]

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