Submerging Supreme: ROV Competition Preps Students for Future Deepwater Engineering [Slide Show]

Sixty teams from around the world are in Hawaii competing in the ninth-annual underwater International ROV Competition
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At the Deepwater Horizon cleanup site, workers watch video taken by an ROV near the leaking well. The video display shows a small pollution containment chamber, known as the "top hat," being lowered into the Gulf of Mexico by the Viking Poseidon May 11, 2010.....[ More ]


This ROV was built by the team from Terrace Community Middle School from Thonotosassa, Fla., a first-time competitor at the April 17 regional competition in Cocoa, Fla.....[ More ]


The University of North Florida's ROV at the April 17 regional competition in Cocoa, Fla.....[ More ]


A team from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville waits for its turn to compete in the April 17 regional competition in Cocoa, Fla. The team, a first-time competitor, won its regional competition and is competing in Hawaii this week.....[ More ]


These students at the April 24 regional competition in Monterey use their ROV to gather a simulated sample of bacteria from "bacterial mats" in the pool.....[ More ]


An Explorer–level ROV at the April 24 regional competition in Monterey.....[ More ]


Each ROV team is allowed up to three monitors to watch their sub as it operates in the pool. The tan and black tether going off to the right leads to the ROV itself. The monitor receives video through the tether cable from a waterproof video camera mounted on the ROV.....[ More ]


On Loihi, a diverse community of microbes thrive in the mineral-rich venting fluid. These microbes form thick mats that virtually carpet the summit. Each team has to retrieve a sample from a simulated bacterial mat on the pool's bottom.....[ More ]


The third mission is measuring the temperature of simulated venting fluid from underwater volcano vents (actually PVC pipe) in three different locations and to collect a sample of a vent spire and return it to the surface.....[ More ]


These divers at the April 24 regional competition in Monterey are setting up the Ranger mission scenarios. The blue object a simulated "cave" that the students have to maneuver their ROV into and complete various tasks.....[ More ]


This Ranger-level ROV just completed its missions at the April 24 regional competition in Monterey and was recovered from the pool. The first task that teams face in the Hawaii international competition is a simulated mission to resurrect HUGO , the Hawaii Undersea Geological Observatory installed on the summit of Loihi in October of 1997.....[ More ]


This Scout-class team runs power and communication lines down to their ROV during the April 24 regional MATE competition at Monterey Peninsula College. Scout-class teams, which are not permitted to compete at the international level, are allowed to look into the pool, whereas Ranger- and Explorer-level teams must use a camera mounted on their submersible to navigate.....[ More ]


At the April 24 regional MATE competition at Monterey Peninsula College in California, teams deployed a simulated hydrophone underwater recording device. The device was packed into a crate and lowered into the pool.....[ More ]

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