Scientific American's 2012 Gadget Guide: Tech That Will Satisfy Your Inner Geek [Slide Show]

SA has combed shopping malls and Web sites for 10 of the geekiest gadgets that leverage science and technology in novel and surprising ways
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Gravity-Defying Globe:

The MOVA globe rotates silently using the energy of room light and the force of Earth's magnetic field. The MOVA globe consists of an inner globe that rotates and is contained within an outer shell made of clear acrylic, which does not rotate.....[ More ]

Emergency Mobile Phone:

Natural disasters such as this year's Superstorm Sandy are a good reason to add the mobile phone to the household emergency preparation kit. Yet most cell phone batteries wouldn't be ready for action if zipped in a bag and left in a closet for several months.....[ More ]

Blood Glucose Monitor:

Smart phones and tablets have become indispensable tools in the blood glucose self-monitoring kits that so many diabetics use to manage their health. Sanofi's iBGStar blood glucose meter, for example, allows users to plug the device into certain versions of the Apple iPhone or iPod touch to display, manage and communicate diabetes information.....[ More ]

Portable Document Scanner:

Improvements in imaging technology have sharpened document scanner resolution while enabling greater scanner portability. Most portable document scanners require the document being scanned be fed into the scanner or placed on a flatbed.....[ More ]

Tablet Styluses:

The emergence of tablet computers has opened up new dimensions in artistic expression, if you have the right tool for expressing your creativity on a touch screen. There is no shortage of styluses to help tablet users unlock their artistic side through apps such as Autodesk's SketchBook Pro and PhatWare's PhatPad .....[ More ]

Self-Heating Gloves:

These gloves use stored energy from a replaceable or rechargeable battery to generate heat disbursed to the hand's palm and fingers via wires or some other conductive material. Chaval's Response-XRT leather gloves use flat, flexible conductive sensors to transmit power inside the gloves and regulate the production of heat within each finger.....[ More ]

DIY Robot-Programming Kit:

Budding electrical engineers and computer programmers will appreciate this educational tool in the guise of a do-it-yourself robotics kit. After young tinkerers assemble Sparkfun Electronics's Mr.....[ More ]

Self-Watering Flowerpot:

If your houseplants suffer because you never paid attention to botany in science class, Click & Grow offers an electronic self-watering smart pot that measures and doses the exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to a plant's needs.....[ More ]

Portable Camping Stove/Device Charger:

Hikers and campers tired of lugging heavy petroleum gas canisters to fuel their portable cook stoves and solar panels to recharge their electronics can now travel lighter. Fueled by twigs, pinecones or other biomass collected during an excursion, the BioLite CampStove converts heat from fire into electricity that can be used to recharge USB-connected phones, lights and other gadgets— all while dinner is cooking.....[ More ]

Color Blindness–Correction Glasses:

Color blindness typically doesn't mean that a person sees the world only in black and white, but it does rob some people of their ability to see the full spectrum. A new type of "smart" eyeglasses claims to correct for such color deficiency.....[ More ]

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