Scientific American's 2013 Gadget Guide: 10 Technologies You Need to See [Slide Show]

We show you some of our favorite gizmos from the past year
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3-D Mobile Sensor:

Mobile device cameras have improved greatly in recent years, but they still don’t see the world in three dimensions. Occipital is looking to change that with Structure , a sensor designed to combine its own black-and-white depth-sensing capabilities with a mobile device’s high megapixel color-imaging capabilities.....[ More ]

Canless Air System O2 Hurricane:

Nothing blasts the sesame seeds, hair and dust out of your keyboard and other electronics quite like a can of compressed air. Unfortunately, many of these dusters don’t use air but rather environmentally harmful liquid chemicals, which can also leave your hand feeling frostbitten.....[ More ]

Siva Cycle Atom:

Now pedal power can do more than get you from point A to point B. The Siva Cycle Atom is a lightweight bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of electronic or mobile device via USB.....[ More ]

Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs:

Whistle Labs, Inc.’s sensor clips to a dog collar and measures poochie’s activities throughout the day, including walks, play and rest. The idea is to give you a perspective on day-to-day behavior and long-term health trends.....[ More ]


A well-placed homing device can help a secret agent find the bad guy and save they day. Turns out using such a sensor in everyday life can save something even more valuable—time. Sticknfind Technologies sensors are made to adhere to key rings, cell phones, remote controls, dog collars and shoes, enabling errant items to be tracked down with the aid of a smartphone or tablet.....[ More ]

Liftware Spoon:

Lift Labs created the tremor-canceling Liftware Spoon to help people afflicted by Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders with the task of lifting forks and spoons to their mouths.....[ More ]

Slow Control HAPIfork:

Eating too fast can lead to indigestion and weight gain. Slow Control’s Bluetooth-enabled smart fork helps slow things down by measuring the number of times you place the fork in your mouth per minute, the intervals between these fork servings and how long it takes you to finish your meal.....[ More ]

Google Chromecast:

Although we usually avoid items from mainstream tech companies in favor of less well known devices that might not have made it onto your radar, Google’s Chromecast calls  for an exception.....[ More ]

Withings Smart Body Analyzer:

This scale measures body composition, heart rate and air quality, in addition to the pounds packed on by last night’s ice cream sundae. The Bluetooth and wi-fi–enabled device supports eight different users.....[ More ]

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel:

Wouldn’t it be cool to turn your ordinary 10-speed into an electric hybrid capable of cruising at up to 32 kph with a range of up to 48 kilometers? That’s the idea behind Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel , conceived at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s SENSEable City Lab.....[ More ]

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