Trick or Theory: 6 Halloween Costumes for Science Nerds [Slide Show]

This year, when choosing your spooky guise, channel your empirical side
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The physics hypothesis that has stumped scientists for generations makes a perfect Halloween costume. Wear a zany hat, a green feather boa and throw on a pair of shades—or just attend as yourself.....[ More ]


This Halloween, go as the solar system. Buy some spheres at a craft store and paint them to resemble planets. Use a hot glue gun and secure the orbs to a black shirt or sweater. If you want to get fancy, buy some wire and attach meteoroids to a headband.....[ More ]


It isn't March, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate the wonders of pi. For an autumnal twist, wear an orange T-shirt emblazoned with the pi symbol. Top it off with a "pi crust" headband.....[ More ]


For the physics nerds among us, dressing as the Higgs Boson is a perfect way to make an impact, so to speak, on your peers. Use a sheet and create a Greek god–like toga. If you're working on the Large Hadron Collider, you'll need protection, so slap on a hard hat.....[ More ]


Geeks rejoice—Ms. Frizzle is making a comeback this Halloween. Take a trip down memory lane with a tribute to the '90s TV show The Magic School Bus and its wonky main character. You don't need to "Get messy!" to put this costume together.....[ More ]


Dress to (conceivably) kill this Halloween. Recreate Erwin Schrödinger's infamous thought experiment with a simple box, some face paint and cardboard cutout cat ears. Carry a bottle of "poison" marked "XXX" to tie the look together.....[ More ]

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