Is the Tesla Model S the Future of Electric Cars? [Slide Show]

The innovative car faces a host of challenges, including fires
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Tesla creates a high-performance product and seems to overlook nothing, from the white floors of the factory (thereby promoting cleanliness and pride) to the vehicles’ key fobs shaped like mini replicas of the Model S.....[ More ]


For the life of the Model S owners only need a conventional power outlet—or a specially outfitted Tesla Supercharger—to charge their vehicle’s battery pack.....[ More ]


The Model S is sleek and stylish; it undergoes a final visual inspection as well as tests like simulated driving rain. Customers are then invited out to the Fremont factory to pick up their cars and take a tour, if they desire.....[ More ]


The robots put each piece in place, like the roof pictured here, after inspection for manufacturing defects by human workers. This kind of roof broke a safety testing machine, which suggests five Tesla Model S's could be placed on top of one another without caving in.....[ More ]


Once the chassis is in place an assembly line of robots carefully puts the molded metal pieces together in a whirring ballet overseen by human workers. The robots are trained to make precise movements and can even swap attachments for welding or riveting.....[ More ]


The largest hydraulic press in North America helps stamp out body shapes for the Tesla Model S, molding pieces of metal with five presses in a row to make precise shapes.....[ More ]


Driving a Tesla feels like piloting by computer, including a 17-inch touch-screen dashboard control panel. The car "starts" when the driver places a foot on the brake.....[ More ]


Instead of an internal combustion engine, the Tesla Model S boasts a trunk in front, called the “frunk” by some. This design boosts the car's safety and carrying capacity, because the batteries underlie the frame and the electric motor sits near the rear wheels.....[ More ]


At the Tesla Factory in Fremont, Calif., the start-up electric carmaker turns out hundreds of Model S cars each week.....[ More ]

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