The Stunning Symbiosis between Math and Knitting [Slide Show]

By Evelyn Lamb

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Three knitted, two-component torus links.

Each link consists of two pieces that were knit so they would be interconnected.....[ More ]

Hexagonal Hilbert.

This creation is a crocheted representation of a hexagonal variant on the Hilbert curve, a fractal, space-filling curve.....[ More ]

Elliptic Curve Torus.

Elliptic curves, which have deep connections to number theory, can be described mathematically either as polynomials or as tori. This piece is a torus model of an elliptic curve with special points, called rational points, highlighted in contrasting colors.....[ More ]

Cyber Rose.

Irvine used traditional bobbin lace stitches as well as stitches she discovered using a combinatorial algorithm in this intricate piece.....[ More ]

Truncated Temari.

Temari is a traditional Japanese art form that often uses geometrically inspired designs. Yackel's temari balls show spherical versions of geometric shapes based on the five Platonic solids.....[ More ]

RAW Diamonds:

Super Right Angle Weave for a Group of Order 18. As Fisher was experimenting with different colors and sizes of beads in a weave pattern called super right angle weave, she discovered that she had beaded a mathematical group with 18 elements.....[ More ]

​Binary Bonsai.

These trees were created as part of the Botanica Mathematica project to illustrate exponential growth, bifurcation and fractals.....[ More ]

Cuboctahedron-Projective Plane Transformer.

Gould created this interactive model to illustrate the relationship between the cuboctahedron (a cube whose corners have been cut off) and the projective plane (an abstract mathematical surface). The model can be folded, zipped and unzipped to reveal different conformations.....[ More ]

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