Threatened Wildlife in the Here and Now [Slide Show]

More pictures from a traveling photo exhibit of creatures on the brink
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Joshua Tree:

The long-extinct giant sloth once carried seeds from this tree to new locations throughout the U.S. West and Southwest. Now, expanding human real estate as well as wild fires and drying conditions are shrinking the range of this peculiar, barkless tree.....[ More ]

Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog:

This critically endangered amphibian is falling victim to a fungal parasite as well as drying lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.....[ More ]

Western Prairie Fringe Orchid:

Nectar filled and growing up to four feet (1.2 meters) tall, this dusk-bloomer relies on wet soils that are drying up in the U.S. Midwest.....[ More ]

Mountain Goat:

They can jump up to 12 feet (3.6 meters) at a time and have special gripping hooves to handle the steep terrain of their mountain homes. Warmer temperatures are allowing trees to grow higher on mountainsides, preventing the goats from grazing in meadows.....[ More ]

Monarch Butterfly:

It's a blur of butterflies as these insects migrate 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) to central Mexico to lay dormant until spring. They alight on just a few fir-filled mountaintops, but climate change that is bringing more rain to this isolated region threatens the monarch butterflies wintertime refuge.....[ More ]


Sporting the largest antlers in the world, the moose prefers to graze on shrubs rather than bend down to the ground to eat. Populations of white-tailed deer, which are expanding due to warmer temperatures in northern Minnesota, threaten the moose with a deadly parasitic worm they carry.....[ More ]

Gray Whale:

This close-up of a gray whale's eye belies its true size; these endangered whales are often bigger than a school bus. This marine mammal lacks teeth and feeds off of krill it dredges up from ocean-floor sediment.....[ More ]

Florida Panther:

This extremely rare cat is running out of territory, and is now almost exclusively restricted to Everglades National Park in Florida.....[ More ]

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