Smart Phones: Touch Screens Redefine the Market

Taking apart the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm
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Accelerometer senses when someone turns a phone from a vertical to horizontal orientation, so software can reshape imagery to fill the screen. In STMicroelectronics’s three-axis, microelectromechanical design, when a free mass (blue) held by springs moves, attached capacitor plates pass by fixed plates, divulging the direction and extent of motion in the x and y planes.....[ More ]


CLICK SENSATION in the Storm gives users tactile feedback when they press a virtual key on the screen. The entire suspended screen depresses slightly, and a dimple on the back side impinges on a microswitch.....[ More ]


SCREEN in the iPhone and Storm is a “projected, mutual-capacitance” touch screen. Drive electrodes carry battery current and cross over sensing electrodes. When a conductive object such as a fingertip touches the screen, it alters the mutual capacitance across neighboring sensing electrodes, defining the point of contact.....[ More ]


SMART PHONES such as the Blackberry Storm are jammed with stand-alone components and telecommunications hardware.....[ More ]


SMART PHONES such as the Apple iPhone are jammed with stand-alone components and telecommunications hardware.....[ More ]

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