Unveiling the Toys of Tomorrow [Slide Show]

Robots rule the day at Canadian toy fair
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Spin Master's Air Hogs Wind Chaser:

This is a basic delta-shaped stunt kite with a string, reel, and—oh, yeah—a remote-controlled steering servo. The servo is attached to a cross-string on the kite's underside. The remote control, which is built into the reel, causes the weighted servo to slide to the right or left, prompting the kite to dip accordingly.....[ More ]

Innovation First, Inc.'s Hexbug Inchworm:

Inchworm is the latest in the remote-controlled Hexbug mini robot series. This leggy bug doesn't do fancy tricks, but promises to be popular because of its portability and diminutive size. Inchworm can travel back and forth—or in a circle.....[ More ]

Scholastic Inc.'s Bristlebots:

Snap the handle off of a toothbrush, attach a motor to the head—and voilà—you get a Bristlebot. The motor causes the bristles to vibrate, which propels the bot to scurry on smooth surfaces reminiscent of a frenzied cockroach.....[ More ]


WowWee's Hoverpod is a five inch- (12.7-centimeter-) long, remote-controlled foam boat that glides over smooth surfaces on a cushion of air, similar to Spin Master's $30 Micro Hovercraft the latter of which has a bumper that inflates while the craft is moving.....[ More ]

Uncle Milton Industries Jedi Force Trainer:

By wearing a headset that detects electroencephalography ( EEG ) signals, users can control a floating ball using the Force—force of mind, that is. By concentrating as hard as you can, you can get the ball to rise higher; concentrate less and the ball sinks.....[ More ]

WowWee Joebot:

Take WowWee's chatty Tribot , make his personality less annoying, then increase his vocabulary to 200 words, add voice commands, extra modes, legs (instead of wheels), more complex games, and an itch to dance, and you've got Joebot.....[ More ]

WowWee Rovio:

WowWee Group, Ltd, rolled out Rovio, a Wi-Fi–enabled Webcam on wheels that can be used anywhere you have an Internet connection. It looks like a stylized Mars rover and features an indoor GPS system (to navigate), a two-way radio, a three-wheel mobile base, adjustable neck (for the camera mount), and a docking station where Rovio recharges itself.....[ More ]

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