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Malaysia: Health Travel 2.0

The growing popularity of seeking surgery or other medical procedures overseas has been fueled as of late by a confluence of evolving factors. In the US, it is no secret that health care costs have been steadily on the rise for years. A flurry of recent media coverage in major outlets, such as the New York Times, has cast in stark relief the cost inequities between the US and elsewhere for both simple and complex medical interventions.

In addition to this expanded awareness of lower cost health options beyond borders, travel and hotel accommodations are becoming cheaper and easier to find (and also catering specifically to the needs of medical travelers). Moreover, information technology is now deftly linking prospective patients to a range of health service providers, near and far, and empowering this population to circumvent the legacy medical system and find alternative choices in many different regions.

Like everything else in the commodities world, healthcare is going global. And the regions that will become leadership hubs on the new map of medical innovation are those that offer the greatest value proposition in terms of quality, affordability, specific expertise and an environment in which global travelers feel welcome. Indeed, the nations that will excel in attracting international health travelers are the ones that can deliver excellence on both fronts: in HEALTH and in TRAVEL.

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