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The Huia and the Sexually Dimorphic Bill

The Huia and Its Sexually Dimorphic Bill

It's time for one of those classic `from the archives' type articles. This one was originally published in July 2008 at Tet Zoo ver 2. Apart from tiny editorial tweaks, it hasn't been updated...

March 19, 2015 — Darren Naish
Neandertals Turned Eagle Talons into Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago

Neandertals Turned Eagle Talons into Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago

As longtime readers may have noticed, I have an abiding interest in Neandertals. To help me keep up with the latest scientific insights into these mysterious relatives of ours, I have a Google alert set for "Neandertal" (and the alternate spelling, "Neanderthal")...

March 12, 2015 — Kate Wong

Some European Languages Came by Steppe

A new genetic analysis reveals a massive migration from the central Asian grasslands into Europe 4,500 years ago—implying that some languages followed. Christopher Intagliata reports...

March 10, 2015
Brian J. Ford's Aquatic Dinosaurs Claim Holds No Water

Brian J. Ford's Aquatic Dinosaurs, 2014 Edition

Via bizarre and unexpected circumstances I recently* found myself secretly and furtively attending a lecture by Brian J. Ford. Ford is a British author and researcher who dabbles widely in matters of science and science communication...

February 10, 2015 — Darren Naish

Save Libyan Archaeology Plea Issued

Savino di Lernia, director of the Archaeological Mission in the Sahara at the Sapienza University of Rome, says violence and unrest threaten World Heritage sites and researchers. Cynthia Graber reports     


February 2, 2015 — Cynthia Graber
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