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Hybrid Cars, Drosophila Maggots, the Tribal Mind.

In this episode, physicist and energy consultant Joseph Romm talks about the next generation of hybrid cars and his Scientific American article on that subject; biologist Matthew Cobb discusses a recently concluded science conference devoted to fruit fly maggots as models for genetics research; and journalist David Berreby talks about his book Us and Them: Understanding Your Tribal Mind...

April 19, 2006 — Steve Mirsky

Found: Ethiopian Fossil Skull

A fossil skull from a site called Gawis in Ethiopia is apparently intermediate in form between Homo erectus and our own species, Homo sapiens.

March 28, 2006

Vesuvius's Pre-Pompeii Blast

Mount Vesuvius wreaked havoc on Pompeii, the volcano devastated the area of present-day Naples. In a paper being published online this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that the eruption occurred nearly 4,000 years ago and spread as many as 15 miles from the volcano, burying people under thick deposits of ash and pumice ( see image )...

March 7, 2006

Cosmic ray threat, sasquatch DNA, geochemist cook

In this episode, astrophysicist Eugene Parker talks about his Scientific American article on the threat that cosmic rays pose to astronauts; geneticist Dave Coltman discusses testing the DNA of an alleged sasquatch; and geochemist Don Siegel discusses how he became the author of a Chinese cookbook...

March 1, 2006 — Steve Mirsky

Avian flu, marijuana policy, new tyrannosaur

In this episode, Scientific American staff editor Christine Soares talks about avian flu; Bruce Mirken discusses marijuana policy in the U.S. and England; and paleontologist Gregory Erickson describes the newfound long-lost cousin of T...

February 15, 2006 — Steve Mirsky

Evolution, stem cells and the National Inventors Hall of Fame

In this episode, Scientific American editor-in-chief John Rennie reflects on the Korean stem cell debacle; the National Inventors Hall of Fame announces this year's inductees; and evolution defender Eugenie Scott discusses the importance of the decision in the recent Dover evolution trial...

February 8, 2006 — Steve Mirsky

Early Bird

Hongshanornis longicresta, is one of the oldest birds known that has a full beak and no teeth. Chinese paleontologists found an imprint of the animal's skeleton and plumage in sandstone at a site in northern Mongolia...

December 13, 2005
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