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Flyin' Dinosaurs

A recent fossil find further strengthens the theory that birds are directly descended from dinosaurs

March 23, 1998 — Kristin Leutwyler

The Viking Longship

Long, narrow ships packed with warriors helped to make the Vikings the dominant power in Europe for three centuries, beginning in about A.D. 800

February 1, 1998 — John R. Hale


A computer simulation gives voice to a long-extinct dinosaur

December 15, 1997 — Alan Hall

Mary Leakey: Unearthing History

Editors' Note:
Mary Leakey, one of the world's most renowned hunters of early human fossils, died in Nairobi on December 9, 1996, at the age of 83. Crowning triumphs of her long career included such finds as the 1972 discovery (with Louis, her husband and collaborator) of 1.75-million-year-old remains from Homo habilis at Olduvai Gorge and the 1978 discovery of 3.6-million-year-old footprints at Laetoli, both in Tanzania...

December 16, 1996 — Marguerite Holloway
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