MUSEUMS/EXHIBITIONS Psychology: It's More Than You Think!

Created by the American Psychological Association, this interactive exhibit explores human behavior, emotions and social interactions, featuring hands-on activities designed to stimulate the imagination. Because its temporary home is in the National Inventors Hall of Fame, the exhibit also includes a historical look at both the psychology of inventors and gadgets invented by psychologists (such as the polygraph). National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum

Akron, Ohio

Through April 30


Architectural Drawings and Photographs from the L. J. Cella Collection

This collection offers a rare glimpse into the workings of some of the most creative minds in architecture and design, from Frank Gehry to Robert Irwin. Their unique thought processes and moments of inspiration are shown in sketches, drawings, photographs and even napkin doodles.

San Jose Museum of Art

San Jose, Calif.

Through June 3


Black Box: Takeshi Murata

Takeshi Murata creates short, psychedelic art films full of intense color and hypnotic soundtracks. The show features Monster Movie (2005), assembled from a variety of scenes in the 1981 B movie Caveman.

Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

May 28–September 9


CONFERENCES 59th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology

More than 10,000 neurologists and neuroscientists gather once a year to present new research and discuss the cutting edge of brain science. The 2007 program includes a special summit on gene therapy. The association's Web site offers information about the latest breakthroughs and other educational resources for the public.


April 28–May 5


160th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association

Physicians who specialize in mental health travel from around the world to attend this meeting. The focus for 2007 is “Addressing Patient Needs: Access, Parity and Humane Care.”

San Diego

May 19–24

MOVIES Disturbia

In this modernized take on Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, a wayward teen (Shia LaBeouf) living under house arrest becomes convinced that his neighbor (David Morse) is a serial killer. But are his suspicions just the paranoia of a stir-crazy delinquent?

DreamWorks SKG

Wide release April 13

Lucky You

Eric Bana plays a high-stakes poker champ whose shot at winning the World Series of Poker—and the affections of Drew Barrymore's character—is endangered by his complex emotional problems. At the root of his troubled psyche lies his anger toward his father (Robert Duvall), the very poker legend Bana must beat to take the title.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Wide release May 4

Georgia Rule

Lindsay Lohan in an indie film? Alongside powerhouses Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda as mother and grandmother, Lohan plays a troubled, rebellious teenager who grudgingly learns compassion and forgiveness while spending a summer under Grandma Georgia's strict control.

Morgan Creek Productions

Wide release May 11

RADIO/PODCASTS All in the Mind

This weekly Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio show features in-depth stories on the mind, brain and behavior. Recent topics have included eating disorders, religion versus science, and the psychology of a child soldier. Don't live down under? Listen to the podcast or read the transcript online for free.

ABC Radio National

The Brain Science Podcast

Join Ginger Campbell, an emergency physician, every two weeks as she discusses recent findings in neuroscience and explores how the brain creates our personalities in “the podcast for everyone who has a brain.”

WEB SITES Classics in the History of Psychology

Christopher D. Green, a psychologist at York University in Toronto, has worked for years to compile a large number of historical writings in this Internet library of psychology. Browse through essays, articles, papers and books written by sages from the ancient Greeks to Freud, Broca, Jung and Darwin. Topics include perception, behaviorism, personality and intelligence.