A year has passed and the nation is still struggling to come to terms with the devastating events of September 11. In the hopes that Scientific Americans past coverage may help readers to make better sense of the science and technology of terrorism, we have pulled together a collection of related articles that fall into the following categories:

Recent Coverage

After the Fall
New thinking to make skyscrapers safer

Study Suggests Smallpox Vaccine Offers Long-Term Protection
The results of a new study suggest that the standard smallpox vaccine confers surprisingly long-lasting immunity

New Drug Could Both Detect and Defend Against Anthrax
A new antibiotic could help identify and tackle anthrax

Study Shows New Yorkers Suffered Most Post-9/11 Psychological Stress
Researchers report that New Yorkers who experienced direct exposure to the events of September 11 had higher psychological stress levels following the attacks than other Americans did

Scientists Say Mass Vaccination Is Best Response to a Smallpox Attack
A recent report suggests that mass vaccination after a smallpox attack would save thousands more lives than alternative strategies

Who's Who
Can digital technology really prevent identity theft?

Attacking Anthrax
Recent discoveries are suggesting much-needed strategies for improving prevention and treatment. High on the list: ways to neutralize the anthrax bacterium's fiendish toxin