The following account of a noble tree and its ignoble fate has been transmitted to this part of the Union from California. The tree was discovered about twenty miles from a place called Murphy's Camp :— It measures at the ground ninety-eight feet in circumference, and eighty-five ft. at ten ft. from the earth, which size it holds for 100 ft. It is 300 ft. high, though the top has been broken off. There are many trees in this vicinity higher than that, from 50 to 70 ft. in circumference. It is estimated that this tree would square 25 ft. at the butt, and consequently a cut of 12 tt. in length would make ninety thousand teet of lumber. A party of men are now at work in taking off the bark, for 50 ft. in height, in sections, so that it can be put together again. It is about one foot in thickness, and will be sent to the World's Fair, where it will be put up, and have the California specimens exhibited in it. Thirty feet in diameter is quite a room, large enough to hold political mass meetings_in; "s" before a presidential election. It is estimated by those who have counted the rings, that the tree is not less than 6,500 years old, or five hundred years older than this world, according the vulgar notion.— It must have been something of a tree when Adam and Eve went round to name the pro-productiors of the forest." The beautiful city of Oswego, we regret to state, has been visited with a most destructive fire.