PATENTEES—Remember we are always willing to execute and publish engravings of your inventions, provided they are on interesting subjects, andhave never appeared in any other publication. No engravings are inserted in our columns that have appeared in any other journal in this country, and we must be permitted to have the engraving executed to suit our own columns in size and style. Barely the expense of the engraving is charged by us, and the wood-cuts may be claimed by the inventor, and subsequently used to advantage in other journals. BAOK NUMBERS AND VOLUMES—In reply to many interrogatories as to what back numbers and volumes of the Scientific American can be furnished, we make the following statement:—Of Volumes 1, 2 3 and 4—none. Of Vol. 5, all but six numbers, price, in sheets, $1; bound, $175. Of Volume 6, alljprice in sheets, $2; bound,$2,76. Of Vol. 7 all; price in sheets, $2; bound, $2,75. Of Vol. 8, ? all the back numbers subsequent to No. 27, but |\ none previous.