PATENT LAWS, AND GUIDE TO INVENTORS—W« publish, and have for sale, the Patent Laws ofthe United States. The pamphlet contains not only the laws but all information touching the rules and regulation of the Patent Office. Price 12;1.-2 cts. per copy. Forrign SUBSCRIBERS-Our Canada and Nova Sco- tiapatrons are solicited to compete with our eiti- zens for the valuable prizes offered on the present Volume. [It is important that all who reside out of the Statesshould remember to send fifty cents additional to the published rates for each yearly subscriber; that amount we are obliged to pre-pay on postage.] Patent Claims—Persons desiring the claims of any invention which has been patented within fourteen years, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter to this office-stating the name of the pa tentee, and enclosing one dollar as fee for copying ADVERTISEMENTS. Terms of Advertising. 4 lines, for each insertion, - - 5Oots. 8 “ “ “ - - $1.00 12 “ “"- - $1,50 16 “ “ “ - - $2,00 Advertisements exceeding 16 lines cannot be ad mitted; neither can engravings be inserted in the advertising columns at any price. All advertisements must be paid for before in serting. American and Foreign Patent Agency IMPORTANT TO INVENTORS —-The under signed having for several years been extensively engaged in procuring Letters Patent for new mecha nical and chemical inventions, offer their services to inventors upon tHe most reasonable terms. All business entrusted to their charge is strictly confl- dential. Private consultations are held with inven tors at their office from 9 A. M., until 4 P. M. In ventors, however, need not incur the expense of at tending in person, as the preliminaries can all be ar ranged by letter. Models can be sent with safety by express or any other convenient medium. They should not be over 1 foot square in size, if possible. Having Agents located in the chief' cities of Eu rope, our facilities for obtaining Foreign Patents are unequalled. This branch of our business receives the especialattention of one of the members of the firm, who is prepared to advise with inventors and manu facturers at all times, relating to Foreign Patents. MUNN&CO., Scientific American Office, 128 Fulton street. New York. WILL BE SOLD,,:,On Thursday, Dec. 29, 1852, at Public Auction, if not previously disposed of at private sale. the SALUDA COTTON FACTORY, situated on Saluda River, three miles from Colum bia, where the Greenville and Charlotte Railroads connect with. .tha. SouttL_CaoUna RaUroad.. The building is of granite. built in the best manner, 200 feet long, Ave stories high, containing thirty-six 30 inch cards; 120 looms, 40 spinning frames, three mules, with speeders, warping machines, dressing frames, and reelers, with every thing necessary for running the mill. The machinery is in complete or der. There are one hundred and sixty acres of land situated on both sides of Saluda River. furnishing water- power sufficient to drive 100,000 spindles. The. cottages for operatives are in good order; and the situation a very healthy one. The establish ment, independent of the negroes, cost the present Company upwards -of $100,000. Persons desirous of treating privately for it, will apply to R. W. GIBBES, President. Columbia, S. C ,Nov. 24.13 3 NEWELL'S patent safety lamp and LAMP FEEDER—Warranted to prevent all ac cidents from the use of Burning Fluid, Camphene, and other explosive compounds used for the produc tion of light. This invention is applied to Solar and Camphene Lamps. For 8ale, wholesale and retail, by N ewell&CO , Sole Manufacturers, No.8 Winter st, Boston, and New York by G. W. McREADY, 426 Broadway. Certificate—College ofl'hysicians and Surgeons, New York, Oct. 17, 1852 We have examined the Pa tent ,Safety Lamp and Lamp Feeder, of Mr. John Newell, of Boaton, and are fully convinced, from the experiments we have made with them, that he has obtained the great desideratum of preventing the risk of explosive action in the use of burning fluids in Lamps and Feeders. In thisrespect we en tirely concur in the opinion of Prof. Silliman, and Drs. Hayes and Jackson.' John Torrey, Prof. of Chemistry, 13 4'"Wm H. Ellet, Prof. of Chemistry. WEIK&WIECK, Publishers, 195 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, have issued F. Ahn's new, practi- cit!, and easy Method of Learning the German Lan guage, with a pronunciation arranged according to J. C. Oehlschlager's recently published Pronouncing German Dictionary. Firstand Second Course, bound ; price 37 1- 2 cents. Also a Pronouncing Gorman Dic tionary : German and English and English and Ger man Pocket Dictionary, with a pronunciation of the German part in English characters and English Bounds ; 850 pages, 18m'J ; bound, embossed backs ; price $1. The trade furnished at a discount. 13 4 ' UNITED STATES STANDARD RULES-Ma- nuf'ctured by JOS. R. BROWN, Providence, R. I. Agents: A. J. Wilkinson, No.2 Washington st., Boston; J. N. D. Wyckhoff, 152 Broadway, and Si- benmann&Qaartier, 15 John st., N. Y. ; Homer Foot&Co., Springfield, Mass.; John S. Gray, Hart ford, and J. G.&E. H. Brown, New Haven, Conn. ; W. F. Dominick&Co , Chicago.12 4" CHURCH CLOCKS-On a new and improved prin ciple, warranted perfect time-keepers, and easily kept in repair. Prices from one to three hundred dollars. Old clocks regulated on a new principle, and warranted'to keep perfect time. Address. 'CHAS FRED. JOHNSON, 13 4*Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y. BLISS' IMPROVED MORTISING MACHINE Illustrated on page 220, Vol. 3, Sci. Am. These machines, are made by J. W. BLISS, Hartford, Ct., and on the receipt of $25 will be boxed in good or der and sent by Express to any part of the coun ty.12 4* TIlE SATURDAY EVENING POST-The Lead ing Literary Weekly.—Over thirty-one years have elapsed since the Saturday Evening Post was commenced; its circulation being now greater than at any former period. The publishers design giving, during the coming year, with other original matter, the following novelets :” Clara Moreland,” by Emer son Bennett; “ Mis&, Thusa's Spinning Wheel,” by Mrs. Lee Hentz ; “ A Stray Patch from Aunt Han nah's. Quilt,” by Mrs. Frances D. Gage, of Ohio; “ The Lost Heiress, a Story of Howlet Hall,” by Mrs E D. E. N. Southworth, author of “The Deserted Wife,” etc., together with Agricultural Articles, Ge neral News, Engravings, Miscellaneous matter, Hu morous Sketches, Foreign Letters, 'c Terms (cash in advance) : Single copy, per annum, $2; 4 copies, $5 ; 9 copies, $10; 14 copies, $15 ; 21 copies, $20. AddressDEACON&PETERSON, No. 66 South 3d st., Philadelphia. Sample numbers sent when requested. 12 3* STEAM ENGINES FOR SALE-We offer for sale two Engines and Boilers, as follows : one 8 horse, horizontal, cylinder 7 inches bore, 16 inch stroke, on a. east-iron bed, fly wheel, driving pulley, governor, pump, pipes, etc.; bas never been used. The Boiler has been used by the' maker about one year. It is cylinder, horizontal, 16 feet long, 30 inch diameter, has a steam chamber, try-cocks, check and safety valves : price, $600. One 7 horse Horizontal Engine, 6 inch bore, 16 inch stroke, cast iron bed-plate, driving pulley, etc. Boiler horizontal, tubular, and has everything com plete for putting it in operation. The engine is new, the boiler has been used, but is in good order. Price $500. They are rare bargains, and will give satisfac tion to the purchaser, being much less than new ones can be obtained. AddressMUNN&CO. COTTON MACHINERY FOR SALE—Four Fill ing Frames, of 144 spindles each, made in the best manner and nearly new ; price $1 per spindle ; other machinery for sale equally low. Apply to E. WHITNEY, New Haven, Conn.11 6 IRON FOUNDERS MATERIALS—viz. : Ame rican hard white and grey Pig Iron; No. 1 Scotch Pig Iron, Iron and Brass -Moulding Sand ; Fire Sand and Fire Clay ; Core Sand and Flour. English and Scotch patent Fire Bricks—plain, arch, and circulars for cupolas. Pulverized Soapstone and Black Lead, Sea Coal; Anthracitc and Charcoal Foundry Fa cings of approved quality, always on, hand and for sale by G. 0 ROBERTSON, otice 135 Water street, (corner of Pine), N. Y.'116" WOODBURY'S PATENT PLANING Machines '"I have recently improved the manufacture of my Patent Planing Machines, making them strong and easy to operate; and am now ready to sell my 24 inch Surfacing Machinefor $700, and 14 inch Sur facing Machines for $650 each. I will warrant, by a special contract, that one of my aforesaid machines will plane as many boards or plank as two of the Woodworth machines in the same time, and do it better and with less power. I also manufacture a superior Tonguing and Grooving Machine for $350, which can be either attached to the Planing Ma chine, or worked separately. JOSEPH P. WOOD BURY, P""entee, Border st, EastBoston, Mass. 13tf E HARRISONS UNEQUALLED FLOUR AND • GRAIN MILLS—Their frames and hopper are cast-iron, and the stones French Burr, 30 inches to four feetdiameter. Thirty inch mill grinds 20 bush es an hour, weighs 1400 lbs. ; cash price $200. These mills, constructed upon a new principle, have be come widely known .and.are producing a revolution in ..illing. Cash orders promptly supplied, and the mills warranted to work in the best manner. The patentee offers $500 reward for any mill which will do an equal amount of work with the same power and dressing. Made and for sale at the corner of Court and Union streets, New Haven, Conn , by 13 6'"EWARD HARRISON. WANTED—One or two active business mecha nics, with $1500 or $2000 capital, to invest in a planing, sash, and other machines, to connect with an establishment, consisting of large and commo dious buildings, a good and almost new eogine and other machinery, already put up in a pleasant, heal thy, and flourishing town in the South. References required and given Inquire at 45 South streetbe- tween 9 and 10 A. M , or by letter addressed “ De- SAIX,” care of Munn&Co.13 2" FOUNDRY FOR SALE-The Columbus Foundry, in Columbus, Miss, fs offered for sale on the most liberal terms. The Foundry has a 15 horse power engine and boiler ; also a good grist mill, and attached to it the mouldieg room, 45 by 5.0 leet; all the tools and patterns will be sold with it. A good stand to do a good business ; no foundry near. For further particulars and terms, 'c., address A il. WOLFINGTON, Columbus, Miss.13 3* RW. PARKER'S PORTABLE SAWING • Machines, driven by his patent method of banding pulleys, as manufactured by C. W.&R. Be- mis, of Waltham, Mass., for sale all complete, or with the iron work separately, by HORACE F. FAR- RINGTON, Nos. 46 and 48 Wooster st., N. Y. 13 4* EXHIBITION OF WORKS OF AMERICAN Industry at Washington City.—The first e>:bib! tion o f the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute will be opened on Thursday. the 24th of February, 1853, in the new and splendid hall of the east wing of the Patent Office, one of the largest and most magnifi cent rooms in the United States, beicgt 275 feet long by 70 feet wide. To this exhibition the.manufactu rers, mechanics, artists, and inventors, from all por tions of the Union. are cordially Invited to contri bute. The hall will be opened for the reception of goods on Monday, tha 14th of February, and the ex hibition will positively close on or before* Thursday night, March 17. Circulars, containing detailed in structions, will be forwarded and any further infor mation given, on application (post- paid) to the Cor responding Secretary, Charles F. Stansbury, to whom all communications on the business of the Institute should be addressed8tf THE TROY IRON BRIDGE CO. are prepared to erect Iron Bridges or Roofs, or any kind of bearing trusses, girders, or beams, to span one thou sand feet or under, of any required strength, in any part of the country. Their bridges will be subject ed to severe tests, and can be built for about the price of good wooden ones. Address BLANCHARD&FELLOWS, Troy, N. Y.7 20* BAILEY'S SELF-CENTERING T The best in America for Chair Stuff, Wagon Thills, Rake, Fork, Hoe, and Broom Handles, Persons wish ing this Lathe, warranted to do twice. the work o f any other lathe, by applying to L. A. SPALDIN G, Lockport, N. Y., can be supplied. The following certificate of Birge&Brother, extensive chairman*- facturers, at Troy, N. Y., is to the point:— '' After making a perfect and thorough trial o f Bailey's Self-Centering and Self-Adjusting Lathe, we can cheerfully recommend it as in every way calcu lated to perform its work in the best manner—as it is the best Lathe we have ever used in our manu factory ; and having used many different kinds, we feel safe in asserting that it is probably the best ma chine of the kind in use. BIRGE&BROTHER. Francis Miller, Lucius Foot, Turners for B.&B.” 3 3m" BEARDSLEE'S patent planing ma chine, for Planing, Tonguing and Grooving Boards and Plank.—This recently patented machine is now in successful operation at the Machine shop and Foundry of Messrs. F.&T. Townsend, Albany N. Y.; where it can be se en. It produces work supe rior to any mode of planing before known. The ..umber of plank or boards fed into it is the only limit to the amount it will plane. For rights to thi' machine apply to the patentee at the abovenamed foundry—or at his residence No. 764 Broadway; Al bany. GEO. W. BEARDSLEE.23tf MACHINERY.-SS. C. HILLS, No. 12 Platt-st. N. Y. dealer in Steam Engines, Boilers, Iron Pla ners, Lathes, Universal Chucks, Drills; Kase's, Von Schmidt's and other Pumps; Johnson's Shingle Ma chines; Woodworth's, Daniel's and Law's Planing machines; Dick's Presses, Punches and Shears; Mor ticing and Tennoning machines; Belting; machinery oil, Beal's patent Cob and Corn mills; Burr mill and Grindstones; Lead and Iron Pipe 'c. Letters to be noticed must be post-paid.' lStf MACHINISTS'&MANUFACTURERS' Tools- O. SNOW&CO., Union Works, Meriden, Ct. Having increased their facilities for manufacturing Lathes, Planers, 'c., have now on hand, finished and finishing off, Slide Lathes, a variety of sizes ' and lengths, at prices varying from $125 to $800, accord ing to size and finish ; also Hand and Power Planers for iron, 2, 3 1-2, 6, and 10 feet beds; also Milling Machines, Hand Latbes with or without iron beds, comprising six different sizes, all of the most appro ved construction and warranted of the best quality of work.9 7'" LEONARD'S MACHINERY DEPOT, 109 Pearl-st. and 60 Beaver, N. Y.—Leather Banding Manufactory, N. Y.—Machinists's Tools, a large as sortment from the “ Lowell Machine Shop,” and oth er celebrated makers. Also a general supply of me chanics' and manufacturers' articles, and a. superior quality of oak-tanned Leather Belting. 7tfP. A. LEONARD. PATENT CAR AXLE LATHE—Iamnowma- nufacturing, and have for sale, the above lathes ; weight, 5,500 lbs., price $660. I have also for sale my patent engine screw lathe, for turning and chucking tapers, cutting screws and all kinds of common job work,weight1500 lbs., price $226. The above lathe warranted to give good satisfaction. J. D. WHITE, Hartford, Ct.89 26# PAINTS, Ac. Ac.—American Atomic- Drier Graining Colors, Anti-friction Paste, Gold Size, Zinc Drier, and Stove Polish. QUARTERMAN&SON, 114 John st.5 ltfPaintersand Chemists. Lathes for broom handles, Etc.—We continue to sell Alcott's Concentric Lathe,which is adapted to turning Windsor Chair Legs, Pillars, Rods and Rounds; Hoe Handles, Fork Handles and Broom Handles.. This Lathe is capable of turning under two inches diameter, with only the trouble of changing the dies and pattern to the size required. It will turn smooth o ver swells or depressions of 3-4 to the inch and werk as smoothly as on a straight line—and does excellent work. Sold without frames for the low price of $25—boxed and shipped with directions for setting up. Address (post.paid) MUNN&CO. At this Office. DRAWING BOARDS—Patent; 23 by 29 inch es, with extensive Scales and Sheet Fastener. Descriptive Circulars sent on application ; $10 for Board and T Rule. Seat by Express. Address, post paid. CHAMBERLIN&CO,, Pittsfield. Mass. 50tf Woodworth planing machines, on hand and manufactured to order, of superior quality, at reduced prices, wa ranted perfect. Also steam engines and other machinery, by JOHN H. LESTER, 57 Pearl street, Brooklyn, L. I. 12 4* FALES&GRAY (Successors to TRACV FALES), RAILROAD CAR MANUFACTU RERS—Grove Works, Hartford, Connecticut. Pas senger. freight, and all other descriptions ofrailroad cars and locomotive tenders made to order promptly. ltf Shingles, Singles, shingles—wood's latest improvement in Shingle Machines is be coming more generally used than any other ever in vented, and is unquestionably the best machine now in use ; it produces shingles from all kinds of tim ber in a very perfect and rapid manner. Machines &<ld rights for sale. Apply to JAMES D. JOHNSON, Bridgeport, Ct.9tf - B. HUTCHINSON'S PATENT STAVE Cut- J ting Machines, the best in use, and applicable alike to thick or thin staves ; also his Head Cutting and Turning. and Stave Jointing Machines. For machines or territorial rights, apply to C B. HUTCHINSON&CO., Syracuse, N. Y.9tf POSTAGE STAMPS.—Post Office Stamps, of the denomination of 1,3, or 12 cents, may be had at par by addressing MUNN&CO., Scientific Ameri can Office. TO 1856.—WOODWORTH'S PA tent Planing, Tongueing, Grooving, Ra- beting, and Moulding Machines.—Ninety-nine hun dredths of all the planed lumber used in our large cities and towns continues to be dressed with Wood- worth's Patent Machines. Price from $150 to $760. For rights in the unoccupied towns and counties of New York and Northern Pennsylvania, appl; to JOHN GIBSON, Planing Mills, Albany, N. Y. lamtf New haven manufacturing com pany, Too! Builders, New Haven, Conn., (sue- cessors to Scranton&Parshley) have now on hand $25,000 worth of Machinist's Tools, consisting of power planers, to plane from 5 to 12 feet; slide lathes from 6 to 18 feet long; 3 size hand lathes, with or without shears; counter shafts, to fit all sizes and kinds of universal chuck gear cutting engines ; drill presses, index plates, bolt cutters, and a size slide rests. The Co are also manufacturing steam engines; AH of the above tools are of the best quality, and are for sale at -25 per cent. less than any other tools in the market. Cuts and list of prices can be had by addressing as abo ve, post-paid. Warehouse No. 12 Platt st., New York,S. O. HILLS, Agent N. H. Man'g Co.46tf