All Gone, All Gone.—At the commencement of the present volume, we printed 5,000 extra copies, which we concluded would be sufficient for the subsequent demand. It is now but fifteen weeks since Volume Eight was commenced, and to the disappointment of many we are obliged to announce that the entire editions of the first four numbers are all gone, and that we shall not be able to furnish the back numbers to any parties who order after this date. Of Volumes Six and Seven we have a few, complete, left, and have reserved a. few seta of Volume Eight, from. the com - mencement to supply those who have ordered and paid for the volume, but who prefer receiving it at the end of the year. Patent CLAIMS-Persons desiring the claims o any invention whieh has been patented within fourteen years, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter to this office-stating the name of the pa tentee, and enclosing one dollar ... fee for copying ADVERTISEMENTS. Terms of Advertising. 4. liaesj for each insertion, - - S “ HU_ 12 “ » « . 16 “ “ “ - 50cto. $1,00 $1,50 $2,00 Advertisements exceeding 16 lines cannot be admitted; neither can engravings be inserted in the advertising columns at any jjrice. 0=* All advertisement. must be paid for before inserting.