“When some one comes, with accents smooth and oily, And tells you that a friend you valued highly Has fallen into grevious paths of error, Or done a deed whicli makes you quail with terror— Unless you know there's truth in what he's saying, 'Twere best to think that some one has been playing On his credulity; it may relieve him To tell the tale to you—but don't believe him.’ We have no desire to encumber our columns with matters strictly personal to ourselves, but we feel justified in presenting the accompanying extracts from correspondence addressed to us, especially as it is well known that inefficient Patent Agents are never slow to start rumors prejudicial to our reputation. This fact is fully developed by Mr. Turner, of Aztalan, Wis., whose letter is appended, and has all the ear-marks of a system which has been steadily pursued for some years— not, however, to our injury, among those who know us best ; and if we considered it necessary to do so, we could publish a list of such references—beginning from the highest official authority in the United States down—such as would shame those who seek, in a covert manner, to injure us. MESSES. MUNN Co.—I am in receipt of my Letters Patent from the Patent Office, executed to my entire satisfaction. I was not expecting them so soon, especially on account of the disarrangement in the Patent Office occasioned by the resignation of Mr. Mason, the former Commissioner, and the appointment of his successor. 1 can account for the speedy termination of the business at Washington only from the prompt and energetic manner in which, I am convinced, you are wont to act for your clients as Patent Attorneys—the malice of some notwithstanding—as I was repeatedly cautioned, before I went to New York, to keep clear of your firm ; but after my arrival in your city, I thought it would do no harm to have a look at some of you, as, by so doing, I might be able to judge for myself in regard to your intentions towards your clients, whether honest or dishonest. The result is, I was satisfied with the integrity of your intentions; and by leaving my business wholly in your hands, I am satisfied I have attained what I sought (through your influence) sooner than by any other channel that had been suggested to me; and should I again have business of like nature to transact, I would be sure to call at No. 128 Fulton st., New York City. Respectfully yours, D. E. TURNER. Aztalan, Wis., October, 1857. MESSRS. MUNN Co.—From your kind notice of my nail machine, it has impressed me with a desire to express to you my sincere thanks for so doing, and for the despatch and business-like manner in which you secured the patent for it, and another one of a similar kind. Hoping in some future day I may have another opportunity of intrusting to you the charge of making other applications for patents, I remain Very respectfully yours, JOHN WOOTTON. Boonton, N. J.s November, 1857. * * . We have received the gratifying intelligence that our patent has been obtained. Accept our thanks for conducting the case with so much ability and promptness—characteristics which, toe are pleased to testify, you have always shown in all our business transactions with you. Very truly yours, RACE MATIIEWS. Seneca Falls, N. Y., November 30,1857. The annexed letter is from the late Commissioner of Patents:— MESSRS. MUKN Co.—I take pleasure in Btating that while I held the office of Commissioner of Patents, MOKE THAN ONE-FOURTII OF ALL THE BUSINESS OF THE OFFICE came through your hands. I have no doubt that the public confidence thus indicated has beeu fully deserved, as I have always observed, in all your intercourse with the Office, a marked degree of promptness, skill, and fidelity to the interests of your employers. Yours, very truly, CHAS. MASON. We could fill our columns with extracts similar in spirit to the above, but we do not deem it necessary. The fact that the Scientific American Patent Agency is continually gaining the public confidence is, of itself, sufficient to stir up professional enmity among a class of irresponsible men, who have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Sixteen patents have been issued to our clients, whose claims are published in this weeks' list, making Jifty-nine within the past four weeks!