The editor of Hall's Journal of Health, an excellent monthly, published in this city, says:— "In passing through the city, or entering houses for the first time, we find ourselves deciding upon the charaoter of the inmates from the newspapers we see at the door, and the periodicals lying about ; and we feel a guarantee that there is refinement and elevation within when we see the Home Journal, SCIENTIFIC AMEKICAN, Musical World, LitttWs Living Age, and publications of that stamp These four might be profitably taken by every family in New York, and ought to be taken in thousands where they are not ; for they are always chaste, always instructive ; nothing in them to blunt the moral sense, or offend our religious sentiment In these, and some one good religious newspaper, there is as much reading of this sort as the generality of our households can profitably indulge in" THE next meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science will be held at Baltimore, Md, on the last Wednesday of this month (April)