A tire having a metallic tread secured to the tubular inflated rim, obviating the Iiauility to puncturing the tire or other injury when the wheel passes over sharp objects in the road, is represented in the accompanying iIlustratiotJ, and has been patented by Frank M. Growney, of No. 986 Washington Avenue, New York City. The tubular rim is secured in the usual manner to the felly, and the metallic tread, consisting preferably of a continuous strip of mild steel, is attached to the outer part of the rim by rivets, as shown in Fig. 1, the outer sides of the tread being engaged by the sides of bands fastened in place by clamping strips. The bands extend around the sides of the rim, and are connected by the usual lacing with the inner ends of the rim, the lacing also attaching the inner ends of the rim to each other. Fig. 2 is a side sectional view of the improvement. The rim, as will be seen, is protected by the side bands, as well as by the continuous metallic strip forming the tread.