On the end inst, a girl by the name of Sarah Hobb uKiot fourteen years old, at work in the Che 'bid Company's Mills, Dracutf, met with a shocking accident. She was in the act of combing her hair, and throwing it back it caught on a craft revolving over her head and wound her over it till it carried her upagainst abeam, .iitingoffboth herthumbs, which had become en'angle i in her hair, and taking the entire scalp fro m :; i head ci m her forehead back. The scalp Aas We learned from Dr. Kimscu; w J % u . ed to dress the wound, that she anrn,,, reco ver.— [Lowell Courier. We shall give an elaborate description of the opening of the Crystal Palace in our next number. The ceremonies came off too late for this week's paper to admit of our publishing a description of the same. Professor Silliman says, that the aggregate destruction of human life am.ually, in this country, from the use of fluid and camphene, is greater than by all the accidents with steamboats and railroads.