This festive season, mixture as it is of so much joy and so much sadness, will in a few days be upon us, and we must prepare to give young 1858 that reception which an untried year in Time's great line deserves. Present-making will be in fashion, and we would call the attention of our leaders to the Scientific American as a suitable present for employers to bestow upon their apprentices, fathers on their children, and mutual friends the one to the other. It cannot do harm, and must do good, for the weekly reception into a household of a journal containing nothing but sound, pure, and pleasant information, is an advantage, the results of which cannot be too highly estimated. We would also advise those who have not yet subscribed on their own account, to do so at orae ; there is no better time than the present, and it would be beginning the New Year well to secure to themselves what our readers call " the most useful journal of the day." In conclusion, follow our advice and you cannot fail to have that which we earnestly wish you, namtly, A Happy New Year.