Our hydropathic friends will be surprised ta learn that the almost numberless vessels heretofore used for bathing, in taking the different kinds of baths, may be rendered quite useless, by one apparatus, which subserves the purpose of all the bathing utensils formerly requisite, besides a variety of other purposes—in fact it assumes about as many shapes and torms as Proteus had : our correspondent who is now constructing it, thus enumerates the different purposes to which it may be applied, within the small compass of 6 feet in length, 2 feet wide, and 2 or 3 feet high:—v-I combine all the following qualities in one and the same apparatus, and so construct it that it can be changed to either of these forms, at pleasure in a moment's time-first, a vessel for an immersion bath ; 2nd, a shower bath ; 3rd, a sitz bath ; 4 a head bath; 5th, a foot bath: 6th, a cataract bath; 7th, any other form of bath desired, a hose, &c.; 8th, a bureau; 9th, a secretary, lOtb, a dressing-stand and mirror; 11th, a wash-stand, bowl, and sink. Vith, a writing table; 13th, a hat ami at hanger. 14th, an umbrella stand spittcin &c." It is stated that the article . nearly complete. No material is used that will be effected by the cold or hot water, or that will corrode, or emit an unpleasant odor. All is represented as substantial and durable. This must be a remarkably novel and ingenious invention; it will probably be more particularly noticed hereatter.