An envelope having a reinforce or attachment applied at its back, for the securing of money or valuable papers in the envelope, and to facilitate opening it, is shown in the accompanying illustration. The improvement has been patented by John F. Forsyth, and is being introduced by Forsyth, Fields & Company, of Bloomington, Ind. The body or main part of the envelope is made in the usual way, but the side flaps fold and are gummed over the bottom flap, and a reinforce of similar form to the bottom flap is made integral therewith, folding back from its top edge, as shown in the larger view, and adapted to be sealed down upon the side flaps. In the reinforce is a trans-verse slot which receives a tongue projected through it from the inner flap, this tongue constituting a pull piece for tearing open the envelope on lines of perforation indicated by the dotted lines. A small gummed flap at the middle of the reinforce is adapted to receive and be sealed upon the tied ends of a tape or string with which money or papers in the envelope may be bound. Oil Prospectors on the Jordan. According- to consular reports, it is the intention of the Turkish authorities, at Jerusalem, to establish a steamship line on the Dead Sea. The existence of asphalt in that region has been ascertained, and it is supposed that petroleum will be found also. A rational development of the Jordan Valley from Lake Tiberias down, and especially the opening up of the rich mineral resources of the Dead Sea basin. is con-sidered a very profitable undertaking, for which, however, foreign capital will hardly be found. as the legal status of property holders in those regions is very unsafe.