Among other innovations which the mammoth steamship Great Ea$tern is about to inaugurate, will be the publication of a daily paper on board for the benefit of the traveling pnblicthe regular "pnblic" of travelers whom she may be bearing across the ocean. But this startling feature is anticipated on the western waters of the New World, for the New Orleans and St. Louis packet steamer James E. Woodruff now sails equiped withthe force and material for the pUblication of a regular daily paper on board during her trips up and down the river, with a job office attached for the printing of bills of fare and other work. -------------..------------ Longevity.The Pacific Sentinel says that an Indian named Pedro died at Santa Crnz On the 7th September, aged 130 years. In 1784, when the Mission there was founded, Pedro was an old man, as is known to many people residing at Santa Cruz. -------------...------------ Traveling Americans.The amount expended by American travelers in Europe is estimated at $10,000,000 annually. This is no small amount to be emptied into the pockets of European hotel keepers and railway companies. Chloroform Liniment for BurnsM. Bargiacchi states that he has found the extreme suffering produced by bad burns com- pletely relieved by meanS of a liniment com- posed of chloroform and cod-liver oil.