We are glad to announce that amidst the general gloom which has pervaded all classes of the community for some weeks past, there are now visible some sign of improvement in various quarters. It is an acknowledged fact that for all practical purposes there is an abundance of money in the country; and now that the panic has spent its full force, those who have been " hoarding " are beginning to come out, and are looking around for some safe opportunity to invest it. The New York city banks hold nearly $20,000,000 in specie, which is a much larger sum than they have had for many months ; stocks have rapidly advanced on the exchange; several large manufacturing establishments are beginning to renew their operations ; and the great grain crop of the West is flowing to the seaboard. These are all cheering signs, and we hope soon to see the general interests of industry once more in a healthy and prosperous condition. Let us all take courage, for " the good time is coming."