It is well known to our readers that a new law for steamboats was passed during the last session of Congress, which law was to iJtke effect on the 1st of next month (January 1853.) We understand by the St. Louis Intelligencer that a petition is on foot ~in that city for the purpose of getting an extension of the time appointed for this law to go into operation. The reason offered is,that little or no prepara- tien has been made to meet the provisions of the law, in procuring the required life boats, extra safety valves, 'c. One or two boats have made themselves ready to meet the legal demands, but the majority, it is stated, have not; hence quite a number of captains, pilots, and engineers have signed the peti tion. The real intention of the step is to procure the repeal of the statute. Congress will no doubt treat the petition as it deserves; if it does not, and consents to act upon and give it countenance, then it will stain its character with a most reprehensable act. Sinee the law was enacted every steam boat company in our land has had sufficient time to prepare for and meet all its requirements.