During the week ending April 10th, there were filed in the Patent Office THIKTYTWO applications for patents from the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN office alone, exclusive of a number filed by the branch office of Munn Co, located in Washington For the same week there were issued at the Patent Office TWENTYFOUR patents to parties whose cases were prepared at this office and conducted through the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Patent Agency The above statistics for a single week shows that the inventors throughout our land are not slumbering Friends of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, will you not take the trouble to show it to some of your neighbors and ask them to subscribe for six months or a year ? By so doing you will not only aid its circulation, but at the same time you will benefit your neighbors For the want of correct knowledge upon a single fact on a simple subject, hundreds of dollars may be wasted which could be saved by the perusal of such a journal ? , Canada has adopted a decimal currency, which is a move in the right direction, and will greatly facilitate interchange between both sides of the St Lawrence The new 1 coins have been prepared in England, and * consist of five, ten, and twenty cent pieces f, M r