Tee Pharmaceutical Society of London have taken up the subject of the adulteration of American lard, and are submitting various samples to analysis. [The adulteration of American lard above alluded to, and which is being made the subject of scientific inquiry in England, can be easily explained as far as regaids our own country :—it is of constant occurrence, in the West, that many ot the hogs fall down through fatigue or weakness during their journey in droves to the Eastern markets, and have to be killed on the spot. As the only available means of turning their carcasses to pecuniary advantage, they are submitted to the action of a press, and thus forced down into a substance sold as lard, which, from not having been melted, must necessarily contain a large amount of foreign matter, the product of the flesh and blood of the animal. It would, however, be preferable to melt down afterwards this substance, when, perhaps, the adulteration complained of would be found inaccurate.