Our Inflated Universe
—Clara Moskowitz
Want more on this groundbreaking discovery about the early universe? Check out the study.
The Little Volcanoes That Could
—David Biello
Read about how volcanoes have temporarily mitigated global warming in Nature Geoscience. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.)
Extinction Countdown: Hawaiian Hawk
—John R. Platt
A proposal to delist the Hawaiian hawk, or ‘io, from the Endangered Species Act has ruffled the feathers of some state residents, reports West Hawaii Today.
Ancient Footprint
—Kate Wong
Stroll on over to the British Museum’s page on Happisburgh, the location where researchers discovered prehistoric footsteps. Then read their analysis in PLoS ONE.
The Physics of Long, Loose Tresses
—Rachel Newer
Delve into the complex physics of curly hair in Physical Review Letters.
By the Numbers—Earth’s Most Ancient Crust
New research in Nature Geoscience describes the oldest bit of Earth’s crust ever discovered.
Kepler’s Afterlife
—Clara Moskowitz
The Kepler space telescope has collected an astronomical treasure trove, described in detail here.
What Is It?
—Annie Sneed
This outlandish image was recently captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
A Pontoon of Pupae
—Annie Sneed
Learn more about the bizarre swarm behavior of European Formica selysi[OK? THEY RANGE BEYOND SWITZERLAND; ADDED GENUS/SPECIES BECAUSE “European OR Swiss ants AREN’T ACTUAL NAMES OF THE STUDIED SPECIES BUT MAY READ THAT WAY] ants in PLoS One.
It Takes a Prion to Remember
—Beth Skwarecki
Prions aren’t all bad—don’t you forget. Read the prion memory study here.
He Who Hollers Fastest Gets the Girl
—Jason G. Goldman
Research on this ungulate vocal contest appeared in Behavioral Ecology.
By the Numbers—Facebook’s 10th Anniversary
The stats on Facebook’s growing omnipresence came from Pew Research Center.
—Wendy M. Grossman
Find out more about this advance in optical forensics here.
Patent Watch: Using a Smartphone to Detect Cancer
—Geoffrey Giller
This potentially lifesaving oral device comes from the PraKash Lab at Stanford University.
Q&A: “Millions of People Are Suffering”
—Gary Stix
Read the original version of this interview with Gino Strada on our Web site.
Pot Ingredient for Epilepsy
—Annie Sneed
GW Pharmaceuticals has developed Epidiolex, a new cannabis-based drug, to treat intractable epilepsy.