Terms of Advertising. 4 lines, for each insertion, - - 50cts. 8 " " " - $1,00 12 " " - $1,50 16 " " " - $2,00 Advertisements exceeding 16 lines cannot be admitted; neither can engravings be inserted in the advertising columns at any price. (7" All advertisements must be paid for before inserting. American and Foreign Patent Agency IMPORTANT TO INVENTORS.—The undersigned having for several years been extensively engaged in procuring Letters Patent for new mechanical and chemical inventions, offer their services to inventors upon the most reasonable terms. All business entrusted to their charge is strictly confidential. Private consultations are held with inventors at their office from 9 A. M;, until 4 P. M. Inventors, however, need not incur the expense of attending in person, as the preliminaries can all be arranged by letter. Models can be sent with safety by express or any other convenient medium. They should not be over 1 foot square in size, if possible. Having Agents located in the chief cities of Europe, our facilities for obtaining Foreign Patents are unequalled. This branch of our business receives the especial attention of one of the members of the firm, who is prepared to advise with inventors and manufacturers at all times, relating to Foreign Patents. MUNN & CO., Scientific American Office, 128 Fulton street, New York. ' TJATENT BOX ANDAXLE.--Patented by King-Xston Godard, of Philadelphia, June 15, 1852, on exhibition at the American Institute. Application for purchase of rights to manufacture and use, or complete sets, must be made to GEO. C. HOWARD, Schuy'l Fifth and Market sts. Phila. J. C. H. is staying for a few days at the United States Hotel, N. Y. It* A NOTHER GREAT DISCOVERY—By manu-ii facturing of an article of daily use, affording a profit of 500 per cent.; Receipt sent to any place on receiving one dollar by mail, postage paid. Address A. M. MORSE, box 755, Rochester, N. Y. 7 2* FX1HE TROY IRON BRIDGE CO. are prepared A to erect Iron Bridges or Roofs, or any kind of bearing trusses, girders, or beams, to span one thousand feet or under, of any required strength, in any part of the country. Their bridges will be subjected to severe tests, and can be built for about the price of good wooden ones. Adflress BLANCHA.RD & TEE.0UR, Troy, N. Y. 7tf SLAUGHTER & PERRY'S IMPROVED CORDAGE MACHINE—The Patent Right to this valuable machine, for New York, the New England and Southern States, are for sale. Machines in operation can be seen at Todd, MacLay & Co 's, Pater-son, N J. ; Clark's Mills, Cneida Co., N. Y. , W. A. Richardson's, Louisville, Ky., and at the subscribers' in Fredericksburg, Va. Address F. & J. W. SLAUGHTER. 7 5* POSTAGE STAMPS.—Post Office Stamps, of the denomination of 1,3, or 12 cents, may be had at par by addressing MUNN & CO., Scientific American Office. AB. ELY, Counsellor at Law, 46 Washington st., Boston, will give particular attention to Patent Cases. Refers to Munn & Co., Scientific American. 13tf dJprnA—SEVEN HORSE POJVER—We have I[)JUV for sale a firat rate 7 horse-power Engine aod Boiler, fitted with governor, pump, fly-wheel, safety valve, grate bars, etc., all complete to be set immediately to running. The cylinder of the engine is six inches bore, and the stroke of the piston is 16 inches. The engine is attached to a cast-iron bed plate, and is one of Mann's best make. The boiler is an upright, 6 feet high, and 3 feet in diameter, composed of 50 flues, having all the connecting pipes complete and ready to be set up and attached to the engine in half an hour's time. The engine and boiler at the price above named ($500) is astonishingly cheap for its worth, and we hope soon to receive an order for them. Boxed and shipped for $500, Address MUNN & CO., Scientific American Office. IRON FOUNDERS MATERIALS-viz. : American hard white and grey Pig Iron; No. 1 Scotch Pig Iron; Iron and Brass Moulding Sand ; Fire Sand and Fire Clay ; Core Sand and Flour. English and Scotch patent Fire Bricks—plain, arch, and circular, for cupolas. Pulverized Soapstone and Black Lead. Sea Coal, Anthracite and Charcoal Foundry Fa cings of approved quality, always on hand and for sale by G. O ROBERTSON, office 135 Water street, (corner of Pine), N. Y. 3 6* CHAS. W. COPELAND, Consulting and Mechanical Engineer, Surveyor of Steam Machinery, &c, No. 64 Broadway, N. Y., superintends the construction of steam vessels, steam engines, and machinerynof every description ; specifications and contracts prepared; also general plans and drawings in detail furnished. Steam engines surveyed and valued, and condition reported. Mr. C. also acts as agent for the purchase and sale of steam vessels, Bteam engines, boilers, &c. Steam and Vacuum Gauges, Indicators, Sewell's Salinometers, etc , etc., on sale. 50 5eow* IMPORTANT TO IRON FOUNDRIES—The Galvanic Alloy Manufacturing Co., Nos. 401,403, and 405 Cherry st., N. Y., will furnish the Aerostatic Fan Blower at $55, and with patent fitting at $65, that produce sufficient blast for the largest cupola, melting 3 and 4 tons of iron $er hour ; taking less than one half the power of those now in use, thatcostfrom $80to $100. The wings, being only about an Inch, in width (planned upon entirely new and mathematical principles), produce double the blast with half the power of other blowers. Warranted in all cases, or they may be returned and the money refunded. 33 eowtf. BAILEY'S SELF-CENTERING LATHE—The best in America for Chair Stuff, Wagon Thills, Rake, Fork, Hoe,andBroomHandles. Persons wishing this Lathe, warranted to do twice the work of any other lathe, by applying to L. A. SPALDING, Lockport, N. Y., can be supplied. The following certificate of Birge & Brother, extensive chair manufacturers, at Troy, N. Y., is to the point :— " After making a perfect and thorough trial of Bailey's Self-Centering and Self-Adjusting Lathe, we can cheerfully recommend it as in every way calculated to perform its work in the best manner—as it is the best Lathe we have ever used in our manufactory ; and having used many different kinds, we feel safe in asserting that it is probably the best machine of the kind in use. BIRGE & BROTHER. Francis Miller, Lucius Foot, Turners for B. &. B," 3 3m BALLOONS—Of any size made to order, warranted ; also Wise's complete work on Aeronautics ; price $2, sent postage free to any part of the United States. A 25 feet Balloon on hand. Orders punctually attended to. Address JOHN WISE, Aeronaut, Lancaster, Pa. 6 6* BEARDSLEE'S PATENT PLANING MA-chine, for Planing, Tonguing and Grooving Boards and Plank.—This recently patented machine is now in successful operation at the Machine shop and Foundry of Messrs. F. & T. Townsend, Albany N. Y.; where it can be seen. It produces work superior to any mode of planing before known. The uumber of plank or boards fed into it is the only limit to the amount it will plane. For rights to this machine apply to the patentee at the abovenamed foundry—or at his residence No. 764 Broadway; Albany. GEO. W. BEARDSLEE. 23tf MACHINERY.—S. C. HILLS, No. 12 Platt-st. N. Y. dealer in Steam Engines, Boilers, Iron Planers, Lathes, Universal Chucks, Drills; Kase's> Von Schmidt's and other Pumps; Johnson's Shingle Machines; Woodworth's, Daniel's and Law's Planing machines; Dick's Presses, Punches and Shears; Morticing and Tennoning machines; Belting; machinery oil, Beal's patent Cob and Corn mills; Burr mill and Grindstones; Lead and Iron Pipe &o. Letters to be noticed must be post-paid. ltf BLACK LEAD CRUCIBLES, and all kinds of melting pots, of superior quality, made to order and warranted equal to any of the kind made in the United States, by D. H. PURINTON, Somerset, Mass-All orders promptly fulfilled. 2 10* LEONARD'S MACHINERY DEPOT, 109 Pearl-st. and 60 Beaver, N. Y.—Leather Banding Manufactory, N. Y.—Machinists's Tools, a large assortment from the " Lowell Machine Shop," and other celebrated makers. Alt a general supply of mechanics' and manufactures' articles, and a superior quality of oak-tanned Leather Belting. 45tf P. A. LEONARD. PATENT CAR AXLE LATHE—I am now manufacturing, and have for sale, the above lathes ; weight, 5,500 lbs., price $600. I have also for sale my patent engine screw lathe, for turning and chucking tapers, cutting screws and all kinds of common job work, weight 1500 lbs., price $225. The above lathe warranted to give good satisfaction. J. D. WHITE, Hartford, Ct. 39 26* PAINTS, dec. dec—American Atomic Drier Graining Colors, Anti-friction Paste, Gold Size, Zinc Drier, and Stove Polish. QUARTERMAN & SON, 114 John at., ltf Painters and Chemists. LATHES FOR BROOM HANDLES, Etc.—We continue to sell Alcott's Concentric Lathe, which is adapted to turning Windsor Chair Legs, Pillars, Rods and Rounds; Hoe Handles, Fork Handles and Broom Handles. This Lathe is capable of turning under two inches diameter, with only the trouble of changing the dies and pattern to the size required. It will turn smooth over swells or depressions of 3-4 to the inch and work as smoothly as on a straight line—and does excellent work. Sold without frames for the low price of $25—boxed and shipped with directions for Betting up. Address (post-paid) MUNN & CO. At this Office. DRAWING BOARDS—Patent; 23 by 29 inches, with extensive Scales and Sheet Fastener. Descriptive Circulars sent on application ; $10 for Board and T Rule. Sent by Express. Address, postpaid, CHAMBERLIN & CO,, Pittsfield, Mass. 50tf FALES & GRAY (Successors to TRACV & FALES), RAILROAD CAR MANUFACTURERS—Grove Works, Hartford, Connecticut. Passenger, freight, and all other descriptions of railroad cars and locomotive tenders made to order promptly. ltf IMPORTANT TO SOAP MAKERS—Letters Patent of the United States having been issued to Wm. McCord on the 27th of July, fora valuable improvement in Soap, all manufacturers, renders, and users are hereby cautioned against the use of Kaolin, or other equivalent aluminous minerals combined with ammonia, as they will, by so doing, infringe this patent, and subject themselves to prosecution. All the necessary fixtures for making 2000 lbs. per day, will cost not to exceed $75 ; two persons only required to attend the manufacture. Rights to manufacture this the most valuable soap, are offered for sale on reasonable terms. Apply to WM. McCORD, 141 Sullivan st., N. Y. 47tf LOGAN VAIL & CO., No. 9 Gold street, New York, agents for George Vail & Co., Speedwell Iron Works, have constantly on hand Saw Mill and Grist Mill Irons, Press Screws, Bogardus' Horse-Powers, and will take orders of Machinery of any kind, of iron and brass ; Portable Saw-mills and Steam Engines, Saw Gummers of approved and cheap kind, &c. Gearing, Shafting, large and small, cast or of wrought iron. 11 ly NEW HAVEN MANUFACTURING COM-pany, Tool Builders, New Haven, Conn., (successors to Scranton & Parshley) have now on hand $25,000 worth of Machinist's Tools, consisting of power planers,to plane from 5 to 12 feet; slide lathes from 6 to 18 feet long; 3 size hand lathes, with or without shears; counter shafts, to fit all sizes and kinds of universal chuck gear cutting engines ; drill presses, index plates, bolt cutters, and 3 size slide rests. The Co are also manufacturing steam engines; All of the above tools are of the bestquality, and are for sale at 25 per cent, less than any other tools in the market. Cuts and list of prices can be had tyr addressing aa above, post-paid. Warehouse No. lx Platt St., New York, S. 0. HILLS, Agent N. H Man'g Co. 45tf